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(I’m not sure which title to give this.)

The Thule Society exists apart from its President, Brian Ruhe. My worldview is not the same as the view of the Thule Society because their is no all encompassing worldview of the Thule Society. Our policy states that it is the privacy of each member to have their own spiritual interpretation of who Adolf Hitler is to them and their own views on cosmology and religion.

I have written out my worldview of reality in about 20 pages on the Blog at:

March 21, 2018

Feb. 16, 2018

mass email:
The Brian Ruhe Show  –  Tel. 001-604-738-8475 – – Skype: brianaruhe –

Hi there,

I have received a letter from my friend Monika Schaefer who has been imprisoned in Germany for being a skeptic of the official narrative of the holocaust. Her letter is below plus another different one she sent to our friend Arthur Topham who lives in northern BC. And today, I just released this video below of a protest that our Truth and Justice for Germans Society held at the German Consulate in Vancouver at Canada Place, on Feb. 6th:

Canadians Protest at German Consulate after Violinist Arrested for an Apology to her German Mother

I received Monika’s letter on Feb. 13th, the anniversary of the 1945 fire bombing of Dresden, Germany, which targeted only civilians, and killed from 300,000 – 500,000 Germans when the war was all but won anyhow.

Previously I mailed her 40 pages of very supportive comments from the first YouTube video I made about her arrest. I have a Monika Schaefer playlist with over 20 videos on my YouTube channel at:

Letter dated 25 January 2018:

Dear Brian,

Thanks so much for sending me your letter and all the comments. What a heartening read! It is hugely uplifting to be getting mail now. It was a while of no contact with the outside world at all, and then suddenly letters started coming through. It is absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much for spreading the word. I wish I could see the video you made, but that will have to wait I guess.

If my incarceration serves as a catalyst to move us closer to victory in this ago old struggle against dark, then I am happy to be here. Many people are writing very encouraging words to me, and are saying that this incarceration is causing outrage and perhaps will help to awaken many people.

I am trying to answer all the mail that I am getting, but my biggest impediment will be getting enough stamps. Time is no problem. I have lot of time on my hands, ha ha, but stamps are another matter. I can buy stamps every 2 weeks, but I need lots. Stamps are one thing that can be sent in letters (nothing else can be sent, except a few pictures too). Of course, it wouldn’t help for Canadians to send stamps, because they have to be German stamps. So if you have contacts in Germany, it would be a really nice help to me if you let them know that I would REALLY appreciate being sent stamps, if they happen to be writing to me. People who have spent time in jail know this, like Gerd Ittner – I know he suggested it already to a few people, and some people did include some stamps in their letters. That was very very helpful.

Life is pretty simple for me now.

6 am hot water comes for tea.

10 – 11 am we can go outside in the courtyard, fresh air and exercise.

11:15 – Hot meal

11:45 Cell doors locked again

14 00*- 15 30 Cell doors open. Access to hallway, office on our floor, showerroom, small kitchen, small gathering-room, visit with others in the hallway.

*At 14 00 hrs our evening bread meal comes, enough for breakfast too.

15 30 – Doors locked up again, ‘til next day’s “Hofgang”, the courtyard hour again.

I share a cell with 4 others right now.

I can assure you that I am in good spirits. I fully intend on staying strong and healthy in mind, body and soul. The letters of encouragement coming my way are a huge help. I can hardly express that strongly enough. Thank you so much! Thank you also for your spiritual work.

I hope you are well. Please let the others know in the group in Vancouver that I am doing well.

Sending love,

Monika      (then a drawing of a red flower with a green stem with leaves)


Next, regarding the letter to Arthur Topham:
Dear Reader & Supporter of Free Speech,

On Friday, February 9, 2018 I received a long-awaited letter from Monika Schaefer who has been held in a German prison in Munich since January 3, 2018. At the time of writing her letter (Jan. 25) Monika had still not been allowed to receive visits from her family. It is my understanding that this has now changed and her brother Alfred’s wife has been to see her on more than one occasion.

As one can see from reading her letter Monika is in good spirits and appears to be coping well with her unjust loss of freedom. A great measure of her positive mental state appears to be the result of all the letters and cards that she’s been receiving. It’s hoped that readers will continue to write to Monika and send words of encouragement and love.

Monika Schaefer
Schwarzenbergstr. 14
81549 München

A note regarding the poster/graphic (missing) above. It would be deeply appreciated if those who have websites or blogs could post the image on their sites or on Facebook. This will help to spread the word about not only Monika but also the other three marvellous women who are sacrificing so much for the sake of Truth and Historical Revisionism. Search engines like Google, etc. pick up these posters and when people search on the net they show up as constant reminders that we are living in very dangerous times and our freedom of speech is quickly evaporating like morning dew in the desert. I’m also enclosing a pdf of this poster below for those who can utilize it for specified purposes.

We need to keep the plight of these courageous women at the forefront of our efforts and try to draw their plight to the attention of more and more truth seekers.

Mehr Licht!

Arthur Topham
Publisher & Editor
The Radical Press
“Digging to the issues since 1998”

Monika Schaefer’s Letter to the Radical Press
Received Friday, February 9, 2018


Letter #1

25. January 2018

Dear Arthur and Shasta,

Words can hardly describe the joy I felt upon receiving your letter of January 8th, and the wonderful picture/graphic that you created. My heart pretty near burst right out of my rib cage. Thank you Arthur for all you are doing – I have seen from other correspondences that you put together a good list of contacts for people to write letters to, and that kind of thing.

For 21/2 weeks I heard nothing from the outside world, and then suddenly the flood of letters started arriving. Oh my goodness, I was in pretty good spirits before (all things considered), but receiving these letters REALLY lifted my spirits.

Life for me has simplified, in terms of day-to-day. My biggest concerns in the first while were about all the logistical stuff on the home front. I haven’t been permitted a phone call yet, nor a visit, and I have no idea if any of my letters to my brother have gone through, so of course those logistical concerns just stressed me out for awhile. But basically I just resigned myself to having faith that my friends and family would take care of things.

. . . As I mentioned, life has suddenly become quite simple. Time expands and shrinks simultaneously. I could write books already about the interesting experiences in prison, and it seems like a long long time ago when they locked me up. On the other hand, the days flow one into the next very quickly, as the simple punctuations of daily life go round and round. I am keeping healthy and well, in mind, body, spirit and heart & soul. It is wonderful to know that Truth and Light, and indeed God, is with me. I know that.

During my last free night at Alfred’s, I had a remarkable dream, in which I was walking in a circle, with a bunch of other people, all walking rather slowly, heads slightly bowed forward, kind of shuffling along. Going counterclockwise. After my first full day here, I bolted upright in bed and gasped, as I realized that what I had seen in my dream (3 days earlier) was the daily hour outside in the courtyard, the “Hofgang”. The circular walk in the dream was the same general size as the courtyard here, and people walk round and round counterclockwise. That was not the first time in my life that I was shown something in a dream. But it has been rare.

I can assure you, about that “Hofgang”, that my head is not bowed, and I am NOT shuffling along. I either go vigorously, or sometimes a few of us play ping pong or volleyball. We have a lot of laughs and good moments.

I’m in a cell with 4 others. We have our moments, sometimes difficult, but mostly okay, and sometimes good conversations. Sleep is sometimes hard to come by as we have one vigorous snorer. Earplugs don’t work so well – Oh well – This time shall pass.

I pray that you are both well.

Mehr Licht!


Jan. 17, 2018

My friend Monika Schaefer was visting Germany and she got arrested on Jan. 3 and placed in a maximun security prison for Holocaust denial! She is a Canadian citzen and she is now a prisoner of war with the lies we have to put up with. I have made YouTube videos about her, you can see on my Brian Ruhe channel and please Google: Monika Schaefer to find out more and please spread the message of her plight as this is an opportunity to wake more people up! I spoke with her daughter yesterday and her daughter Heidi told me that the lawyer said it could be months before she has a trial. Please keep Monika in your prayers.

Nov. 14, 2017. This is our latest mass email:

Hello Thule Society members,

Things have been going well and new videos have been added to our video library for you. Important updates have been added to our website at:

Here is an excerpt from the post above:

Adolf Hitler’s powerful statement about our past and our future is,

“Whoever sees National Socialism

only as a political movement has understood nothing.

Nazism is an effort to resurrect the Man-God.”

This quote comes from the book, MAYA: Reality Is An Illusion by Miguel Serrano.

I have been channeling today and I have received guidance to call off an attack. This refers to a post on our website which has been there for almost two years.

I have changed my mind. As of today I am calling off my recommendation for my Thule Society followers to meditate and use their higher realm powers to attack the Rothschild’s pineal glands and the pineal glands of their entire bloodline. This directive had been posted for on our website at:

The page I have changed was this one:

Absolute power comes from our local brahma of 1400. Adolf Hitler taught us that power flows from the top down and responsibility goes from the bottom up. Absolute power… be relaxed, breathe into it… relax with absolute power.

We attack pineal glands. Lord Jacob Rothschild and Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and Jacob’s son Nathaniel’s pineal glands. This will be like a force field that just holds people back. It doesn’t kill them. It stops and impedes them. Much like the reality of grey aliens who neurologically paralyze people at will. The Thule Society can’t do that but we act upon the Rothschild’s pineal glands to cause their brilliance to diminish, to numb their creativity and to confuse their thoughts. This I learned from reading between the lines of Ajahn Thanissaro’s book, “WITH EACH AND EVERY BREATH”, page 42.

We don’t kill anyone and we don’t break any laws, even though there are no laws against killing people with higher realm powers. We don’t kill people because we just don’t need to. We’re untouchable from a legal perspective but we’re still mortal and we’re always vulnerable.

Our use of such unspeakable power increases such unthinkable power. Keep the secret, just as secret societies keep their secrets. What is not secret is what is written on this website. We invoke the powers of the devas.


I have deleted most of the above and changed it to:

Absolute power comes from our local brahma of 1400. Adolf Hitler taught us that power flows from the top down and responsibility goes from the bottom up. Absolute power… be relaxed, breathe into it… relax with absolute power.

Our non use of such unspeakable power increases such unthinkable power. Keep the secret, just as secret societies keep their secrets. What is not secret is what is written on this website. We invoke the powers of the devas.


Channeling makes me sleepy and I need to rest soon.

Please do read the website. A new member poem has been added to the
Spiritual Practices” section. Contact me if you would like to donate or do any volunteer work

Heil Hitler!

Brian Ruhe


Nov. 10, 2017

Absolute Goal for Humanity

The Chakravartin Vision

In my videos below I talk about the ancient Buddhist and Hindu teachings about a chakravartin who is a virtuous world ruler who leads with peace. This is true history from a Buddhist/ Hindu/Indian perspective and I believe it too. I ask for some help from monks or scholars to flesh out my vision for the future as I haven’t studied this enough. That’s not my job. I also talk about ancient advanced global civilizations with pyramids used for power, all over the world. I have a playlist titled, “Jewish Lies about Ancient History” at:

Elites Suppressing Ancient Free Energy Discovered from Pyramids?

Jewish Conspiracy Conceals Ancient History – 1 of 2

Little Known Ways International Jews have Socially Engineered Our World

Heaven and Racial Hierarchy with Whites, Orientals then Blacks

You Can Be Optimistic About the Future of the World

Ruhe’s Worldview of Lies Hiding an Advanced Ancient Aryan Global Civilization

I am connecting the dots between the migrant crisis in Europe and the pyramids in Egypt. Intelligence means connecting the dots and seeing patterns that most people do not see. Humanity has a great collective amnesia as I have learned from Graham Hancock. The Chakravartin Vision is about awakening to the truth about the advanced ancient global civilization our forefathers had 12,900 years ago. We need to openly investigate and disclose the truth about the true technical nature of the ancient pyramids in Egypt as well as in Bosnia, Indonesia and many countries around the world. We need to share what knowledge was stored there which is the inheritance of all of humanity. Likely we can achieve free energy for everyone.

Connecting the dots further, we need to investigate if this ancient world was as the Buddha described it, with much more enlightened periods with virtuous rulers who were chakravartins. I am not getting into religious arrogance, saying that the Buddhists ruled the world and we’re gonna do it again. Even if they did, a chakravartin would allow religious freedoms and there would be many other religions coexisting peacefully under a chakravartin new world order. Religion does not have to be a problem. The problem is the same old timeless problem- Mara working through the Jews.

Today, Adolf Hitler gives us the most vivid impression of what a chakravartin and a peacefully ruled planet could look like. Humanity got what it deserved. We didn’t deserve an orderly world of prosperity because the ripening of past negative karma worked in Mara’s favour. Had the karmic timing of the penultimate saviour been the opposite of the true history, there would have been no World War II and we would be following the unknowable transcendental tide of German leadership today. No such luck for us. We didn’t deserve an Adolf Hitler champion yet.

Human beings have so much negative karma. Is there any wonder why this samsaric world has and continues to be filled with strife? Any serious Buddhist understands that. The animal realm is always filled with animals who behave like animals. Ordinary human beings are always behaving like ordinary human beings. The point is that if you want somebody to create a heaven on earth, it’s just not going to happen unless the causes and conditions are put into place over a long period of time. The chakravartin does not arise and politically and militarily secure a heaven on earth until after human realm virtue has produced average life spans of 20,000 years. We’re not there and we could lose it all tomorrow but this is an absolute goal for society to strive for. The absolute goal for the individual is complete enlightenment. The majority of society is not interested in making sincere efforts towards enlightenment but I talk about that spiritual path in hundreds of my YouTube videos, not here.

Connecting the dots, we should get a clear vision of where we want humanity to go. With the foundation being the greatest evolution of civilization in recorded history, we should try to discover an even better civilization which is being kept from us by the Rothschild Zionist Talmudists. Likely, they already have the recorded history of the glories of humanity prior to 13,000 years ago but the Jews can’t stand to witness the greatness of the gentiles and they desperately want to prevent us from finding out about ourselves and our true nature. Orwell wrote, “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” Until we are successful in pushing for the disclosure project, National Socialist Germany is the best example we have to role model after.

Adolf Hitler’s powerful statement about our past and our future is,

“Whoever sees National Socialism

only as a political movement has understood nothing.

Nazism is an effort to resurrect the Man-God.”

This quote comes from the book, MAYA: Reality Is An Illusion by Miguel Serrano.

I was feeling pessimistic because of the dark age of the Kaliyuga until I read on page 23 of this same book,

“Finally, Serrano appeals to the Heroes fighting the Anglo-Zionist system with its constant, unending bombardment of lies through television, radio, newspapers – a demiurgic world of Lies by those “Masters of the Lie”, turning Aryans into “good Democrats, Humanitarians”. The Heroes must shed all this and lead the Great rebellion until the Matrix, that Tribe of Rodents in human form, is extirpated.

And this will soon happen because the Dark Age, Kaliyuga is past. Since Dec. 2012 this is our Age: Kritayuga – and Victory awaits us!”

Very good. I have learned from other sources that many believe December 2012 was an upward turning point and that is so true in my life. Some say the world is going from 3D to 5D and that is a whole subject for future comment, reflection and discussion.

I want to learn to better express what I have channeled and connect the dots even more. Hitler’s vision of creating the Man-God was what he envisioned to come since his vision was peaceful and he did not want a World War II, which he didn’t start. His intention was for Germany to grow and flourish after his death and that he “paved the way for the man who is to come”, the true leader. That leader or those to follow would lead the transcendence of the Germans, the Aryans, the white race or all of humanity to a state of the ideal leadership of the Man-God.

In Shambhala The Sacred Path of the Warrior, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche expressed the same idea of enlightened society and as a Tibetan guru he referred to “our friend Adolf” in a 1978 talk which gives him and his students plausible deniability. They had the common sense to keep this talk and the transcript restricted and today it remains only as a rumour. Lord knows I have tried to get my hands on it since 1994 when one of their Jews tipped me off and gave me the mother-load. Chogyam Trungpa writes beautifully about raising up the human world and bringing down the deva world so that it becomes one world. He called it “heaven, earth and man”. This is what Adolf Hitler wanted for us and this is what the Buddhists and Hindus say actually happened in our pre-recorded history. During the time of the pyramids scattered in dozens of places, life spans were in excess of 20,000 years and there was a world government led by a chakravartin. This enlightened world ruler was a Man-God who had the blessing of the “flying wheel” which is a flying saucer that could take him and his ministers up to the first two heavens and maybe to other planets. This is the absolute goal for humanity that we should develop and broadcast until it shines in our hearts and minds. People need to be motivated by big inspiring goals which are realistic and attainable. We have accomplished this over 13,000 years ago so let’s do it again.

The plan of action should be thought out and include encouraging people in many countries of the world to locate and start digging into their own ancient pyramids that are grown over with soil, trees and shrubs, to unlock their secrets. This is our inheritance from our own ancestors. We should also focus loud attention on the many methods of creating free energy which have been suppressed since the days of Nikola Tesla over 100 years ago.

More will need to be written to describe a wise process to link success with free energy, to governments and leaders who care about the people. Since a virtuous and trustworthy chakravartin leader will not likely arise until average human life spans reach 20,000 years, we need to take great care when the kids get hold of a match box, so to speak. I want to channel plus work on expatiating this by inviting guests on The Brian Ruhe Show to comment and share their wisdom so we can have some ongoing mental fertilization to work this process out.

Background to this Writing

In October last month, my wise advisor died. I can now reveal that his name was Mikhail Kunashko.

Some of the most vital concepts that Mikhail revealed to me are the above ideas and they have been in the back of my mind for weeks, since he died. I have released a eulogy video for him here

Eulogy for Brian Ruhe’s wise advisor Mikhail Kunashko

I wonder if Mikhail is channeling to me. We were out for a walk about a year or more ago near Arbutus St. and 12th Ave. and he told me that he felt like he had an important mission for his life in the future but he didn’t know what it was yet. I replied, “That makes sense. I have a good sense about what my mission is and you have helped guide that so I wonder if your mission is to work with me?” Mikhail didn’t agree with me and he didn’t disagree with me. I don’t recall him saying anything. He did say that his dream world at night when he was asleep was so powerful and in some ways it was more important than this world, this reality we are in. We have a difference in view over that but this is how Mikhail thought.

Then, I was daring and I revealed a deeper truth to Mikhail. I said, “In my channeling practice I am going to ask my devas to talk to your devas to influence you to work with me.” I can’t remember if he responded to that or not. We both believed that we each had a relationship with the higher realms so he understood what I was getting at. I was making a move towards taking him over, so to speak, to draft him. We discussed this and I explained that it is up to the law of karma to decide and it’s up to the devas to decide what they will do for me. It’s not about my power. I can only make a request. I am just an instrument for the gods but they are instruments for human beings as well. Nothing was resolved that night, at least in our human realm but it brought us closer and it deepened the reality of our working relationship.

Since then, as before, it was always me going after Mikhail. I was calling him for advice or study sources and it felt like he would be happy to abandon me to my own devices. But then he would show up at parties or Paul Fromm events and give me powerful advice and profound inspiring talks. I sometimes wondered if he still wanted to be friends and then he would suggest I meet him at Kits pool. We would talk for hours and I felt useless because I couldn’t remember 2% of what he said!

We talked about me using Orin’s channeled books and he approved of that. Orin said one of the big mistakes good people make is that they hold back what they can offer the world due to their humility. I am convinced that this was Mikhail’s problem and his big mistake. I got over that 20 years ago when I started teaching classes on Buddhism. I wonder if his refusal to make public talks karmicly contributed to his death? If he shared to tens of thousands of people, what he shared with me, would his chi energy and life force and invoked deva protection, have kept him alive? Maybe someday I will know, in this life or the next.

A year later he died without ever having an important mission to work on. Looking back on Mikhail’s death now, I have a feeling that I was right; that his mission should be intertwined with mine. I suspect that he is channeling to me and I think it happens in my sleep. I am writing these words around 4:00 am Nov. 10Th, 2017. Sometimes it is around this time that I wake up with ideas or dreams. Or when I finally get up in the morning I sometimes have big, deep powerful ideas which can be lost to my To Do List, if I don’t nurture them and pay attention to them right away.

The idea that has persisted is that my role is to connect the dots for others in the truth movement and talk about the bigger picture, described in the first two pages above.

Already I can imagine Buddhist monks questioning my Buddhist ethics even though I think some secretly admire me. When someone dies we are supposed to encourage them to move on to their next rebirth and not hang around those close to them. That is what is best for them. When I first told Mikhail that I was using the higher realms on him, I looked into his hesitant eyes. There was no doubt in my mind that I was much more at home than he was with being a controversial figure. I want to be in this world; he didn’t. Now, I am using him for my mission in this world. Monks and seers who can sense what I am up to may be able to talk me out of this. I don’t recall having done this before. I’m not so sure about what I am doing but that very Buddhist and Taoist uncertainty has been a hallmark of my success.

The mental impression I have now is that my devas have explained to the ghost or deva Mikhail that they have drafted him for me. He is accepting but still a bit wet behind the ears. I think my secret human spiritual advisor already senses this. We haven’t discussed this yet but we have telepathically communicated about what to do with Mikhail. A pro and con of having an advisor is that I don’t necessarily have to take their advice. I am the captain of my ship (and I got that line from Captain Kirk). I will keep Mikhail for as long as I need him. These are the expediencies of war. I wouldn’t hesitate to send people on a dangerous mission. He’s mine now. I have him tucked right under my arm. I think it’s fair to let him go to take a happy rebirth later on but I don’t know the future. I am dealing with the present. But I don’t know. Maybe he will just come and go as I need him.

This brings up a negative memory association for me. Shortly after I got married in Thailand in 1993 to my now ex wife, Pia Bajaj, she told me about DK Books, a block away in Chiangmai. She told me that the couple running the store had a stillborn son that they kept in a bottle upstairs in he store. “The baby wants to be with them so he helps them and brings customers to the store so it’s good for business!” she said. My blood ran cold. At that time I didn’t know that she was a shaman and she seemed to justify what I thought was immoral shamanism, keeping a spirit locked up, like a genie in a bottle. I still feel that way but I don’t have any physical relics from Mikhail. I think this is still voluntary. I justify my actions by paying deep respects to Mikhail and putting the needs of humanity above my own or his. I’m still in the trenches. What is virtuous action in the time of info wars? The Buddha taught that we should be very concerned about what are virtuous actions and what are not virtuous actions. Do you know? Sometimes it’s not so easy to tell, especially when the matrix has turned our values upside down.

August 22, 2017

Have I got a story for you. On August 19th on Saturday I went to the anti immigration rally at City Hall with 4000 people because I suspected that hundreds of Antifa might be there. In the end eight police escorted me away!

I wanted to stand up for my side. I wrote out my experience below and there are many 
media links below too. I have loaded my own 
videos of it onto my YouTube channel. Take a look! I was relaxed the whole time and I'm 
glad I went. 

Brian Ruhe...

Anti Immigration Demonstration, August 19, 2017 Vancouver City Hall

Notorious Holocaust denier Brian Ruhe raises his arm in a Nazi salute. He was eventually escorted from the anti-racism event. (Wide-angle lens is distorting his raised arm.) JASON PAYNE / PNG

Southeast of city hall, a notorious local Holocaust denier, Brian Ruhe, raised his right hand in the Nazi salute as police surrounded him. Ruhe smiled and laughed as counter-protesters shouted anti-Nazi slogans and profanity at him. He was immediately escorted away by police.

At minute 7:30 – 10:30 below, there is a video of me smiling while people hurl insults and profanities at me, as six police escort me off the grounds.

Vancouver Protest Rally Against Anti Immigration Racism 2017:

Earlier this week a National Socialist, NS (fellow Nazi) friend met with me and told me about this demonstration being put on by Joey De Luca and Jesse Wielenga of the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam. He asked me to go and suggested we film it live on Periscope which is something new for us. We tried Periscope for the first time in front of the Jewish Ohel Ya akov Community Kollel at 1965 West Broadway to test it out. We did that because we happened to be walking him back to his bus stop and we were less about 100 feet from this small sort of synagogue so I spontaneously suggested it and it was a lark! We hooted and howled as we saw a rabbi bobbing his head up and down through the second floor window as we filmed from the street. Then I walked him to his bus and he left. Later Periscope banned him for a week and Twitter banned him for a week too. Then he said that Sinead McCarthy and others are telling him that I am a Jew and a spy and he said, when several people tell me the same thing, I think I believe it. How come no one is bothering you?!, he insisted. He said, What about Paul Fromm!? Hes been at this for 50 years and nobody beats him up! Is he an agent too, like you? I then talked him out of this so he is still working for me. I told him about my email to the Rothschilds which anyone can read on my website.

Carrying on with the events of Aug. 19Th, I agreed to go with my nervous NS buddy but I didn’t look up what this demonstration was about until he phoned me hours before it started. I Googled it and, I like these two gentlemen even though I don’t have any significant problem with Islam. They were opposed to unjustified immigration and I wanted to go and support them.

I went early but my National Socialist friend didn’t show up and he explained later that something important stopped him. I looked around for him, then mingled with the crowd of 4,000 people in front of City Hall on the south side, right on the street on 12th Ave. Within about 10 minutes I approached a bored looking CBC TV film crew and told them that I supported the organizer of the demonstration and that I could give a minority view since most of these people were opposed to us.

The young lady filmed me for about 10 minutes and I explained how the Rothschild Zionist Talmudists have misled everyone there and these people were being fooled. I explained what was wrong with immigration and how Jewish lawyers changed our immigration policies in 1965 to bring in non whites to undermine the white majority. The reporter and black cameraman were serious and respectful, then a younger man with long grey hair stepped in and objected to them giving me air time, and all the while he and I were being filmed. I smiled calmly as I was calm, smiling and cheerful the whole day. At the end I showed them my one inch diameter, Adolf Hitler 1933 pin and they said they would film it so I put it on and left it on.

Later a young 27 year old Filipino ex cadet came wearing his green cadet cap. He introduced himself saying the he saw my videos and he agreed with my views. He said he emailed me before but I didn’t remember. We bonded quickly and later he said, “I would take a bullet for you.” I listened and asked, “Really? Would you take a bullet for me?” He said, “Yes,” and I could tell that he really meant it. I said, “This is the first time in my life that someone said they would take a bullet for me!” He gave me his name and phone number but asked to not be identified and to be taken out of the video I was making and I will honour that.

Then I was taking with a man named Ragnar with the YouTube channel Denverdog44. He agreed with us and we talked about the Jewish interference in the Ukraine. We wanted to go to the front of the crowd and look for Joey De Luca and Jesse Wielenga so the cadet suggested we should not go into the thick of the crowd which seemed unsurpassable. He decided we should walk a clockwise circle around City Hall so I invited Ragnar to join us but he had his bike so we separated from him. As we left Ragnar said, you can keep me in the video and that is him below.

An old National Socialist buddy of mine showed up by surprise and I was so happy to see him! He joined us so the three of us set out. A quarter of the way around we saw the police with a group of people looking at us. My National Socialist friend noticed a man and woman following us but I didn’t see them behind me with the crowd surging around. He dropped behind to cover my back. Passing the back we came around to the east side of the tall monumental building. By now the couple and others were questioning me and asking about my Nazi pin and some were pleasant, some gruff and rude and conversations grew out of it. I stood and explained to about five young people that I am President of the Thule Society at and I explained what the society was about and I said, “The elevator explanation is that we have a spiritual interpretation of Adolf Hitler. We have a practice section and I’ll give you a chant that we do.”

As I was explaining this my deva invocation channel came on in textbook form: slowly and imperceptible at first. I raised my right arm in Nazi salute to the bright blue great eastern sky and I chanted, “All that I do, I do for you my fuehrer.” Then I closed my eyes and repeated, “All that I do, I do for you my fuehrer. All that I do… I do for you.” They were respectful and we had a spiritual moment together and I was so proud that I did that for my leader. Before I raised my arm I was self aware that the channel was, in fact, on. A flood of impressions empowered my body speech and mind in those seconds. Most significant was a timeline reality in which felt I had to protect the identity of the Vancouver Shambhala Centre and Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche as they still protect him from his advocating of Adolf Hitler. That weighed heavily on my mind due to devotion for the guru. The timeline coordinates were for the future time which coalesced when I would be writing this, about the 10th email account, and also just after the solar eclipse on Aug. 21 when I walked on Broadway Ave. feeling guilty about betraying Chogyam Trumgpas most senior living disciple who asked me not to divulge the sources of Rinpoches teachings about Hitler. Thoughts of vajra hell too and Chogyam Trungpas emphasis on the genuine heart of sadness put a brief lump in my throat after I finished the Nazi salute.

In my recent videos with the futurist Alfred Lambermont Weber, he taught how familiar the American government is, and their deep state is, with timelines and time travel. The deep state is so compartmentalized that almost nobody really knows what is going on. In my videos and in my book, Freeing the Buddha, I hide in plain sight that I am being protected and that I have secrets. People bug me and they accuse me of working for the Jews or CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) or they say that I am a disinfo agent. Sinead McCarthy has stated that I am making our whole movement look insane. To hell with it. If people ask me if I am working for the Jews, I just say yes. In my recent video, Brian Ruhes Policy on the Jews, I lay out a plan for world peace with the Jews which would be genuinely good for the Jews and the gentiles and save the future of the Jews. So, in that sense I am working for the Jews. I go even deeper than the deep state as I have some mastery of deva (angel) invocation practice. I am one or more steps deeper than the deep state. Brian Ruhe is an agent of the deep state. Since childhood I have identified with the deep state. I will reveal my secrets only after I am dead. Living in the moment I am just an instrument for the gods and I trust what I am working for. The deepest state is the concern for the whole world. My deep state childhood experiences are described in my video, The Nazi Past Life of a Buddhist Teacher?

Next, on the southeast side of Vancouver City Hall the three of us then politely turned our back on them and kept walking south and by now dozens of people were staring at me while my cadet led me along, getting more nervous. I thought at the time that some shouted obscenities because I heard them in the video later but I barely noticed with the sensory feast going on around me. I said to a group of them, “The Vancouver City Police are here to protect me so what could possibly go wrong?!”, with my typical dry humour. I was happy to be there, very much in my natural element! Then a young white Antifa man angrily spoke, and I am wrong now but I thought that he said “You can’t wear that you Nazi” and some such other words and he made a grab for my pin! He tore the pin out of it’s socket and I backed off and said, “Hey, that’s my pin… I can take it off if you like.” See the photos below, from Darryl Dyck’s Twitter page. I did that and put it in my suit pocket then the attractive young blonde I was talking to earlier said, “Put it back on.” Now, if you watch the infamous video on several websites, he said, fuck off Nazi scum!! Drop dead Nazi scum!! with a cracking shrill in is voice as I smiled and asked the crowd, how is my hair?! Does my part look OK? Someone then remarked, it looks terrible. Those moments were the most fun that I have had this year.

I snickered as I looked at these two, the angry young Antifa and the inquisitive young lady. Then we carried on walking towards about ten policeman just south of us. They were slowly walking in our direction and the crowd at this moment was clearly descending upon me in the form of a circle of about 100 – 200 people with me as the centre of attention. Likely, the Vancouver City Police with their communications were telling each other to come over to me.

This was the moment I chose, as I felt that this was going to be a crowd around me no matter where I slowly, mindfully walked. I made a clear definite stop on the street and I stared up at the blue southern sky, focusing my mind on Adolf Hitler. I steadily raised my right arm in Nazi salute with over 100 people intently staring at me. Immediately the crowd moved towards me with their cell phones filming and taking photos. I very deliberately held my arm up for about 20 seconds to give them enough time to get a decent video and pictures if they were on the ball, which they were. This photo below is from Nick Eagland’s Twitter.

Then, I thought the crowd was singing to me, “Haters go away. Haters go away,” but I was wrong. I had to listen to the video to find out that one gentleman used different lyrics, “Hate’s not welcome here… Hate’s not welcome here…” As I walked past, I saw my former webmaster who abruptly left me without finishing his paid job in 2015, over my then Hitler moustache photo. I smiled and said, “Hi Johnny (Stork).” He said, “I don’t know you,” meaning, I don’t know you anymore.

I can’t remember much about what the crowd said but in the video later I heard people swearing at me. Next, the police came over and took control. An older officer first spoke to me saying, “You’ll have to leave.” I was looking for my cadet friend many times and my NS friend and I found them. The crowd was surging around me and we were not walking in a straight line. I was trying to manage my way through the sea of curious onlookers. Then the police surrounded me with their bicycles to keep me physically separated from the crowd. The first officer said, “You have to leave the demonstration.” I said, “OK. I’ll follow the police’s instructions but my bike is back there,” as I pointed through the thick of thousands of people to where it was locked at City Square Mall.

The cop said, “No. You can come back and get it later. If you come back now you will be arrested for disturbing the peace.” “OK” I agreed and I deliberately sauntered at a relaxed pace, east down 12th Ave. looking back at my cadet friend but as seen on video, the police separated him form me and I lost sight of him. Another younger officer held my right elbow and was leading me to walk a bit faster. I was friendly and chatting up the cops and asked if I could take the first left and get a bus back on Broadway Ave. He said, “No, go to Main Street, then take a bus back.” We went one block and my NS friend was still with me and I noticed another NS friend who has popped up before and he was videoing me. I stood with four police, one a police woman and we joked about me being such an old man, having to walk half a mile to Main St.! Another policeman asked, “How old are you?” “57” I replied and we snickered. I smiled a silent goodbye to the police as my first NS friend came with me and we said goodbye to the second friend, who also wants to be anonymous.

We walked hundreds of yards with engaging talk about what unfolded, then a beautiful young reporter with CTV TV ran towards us. We stopped and Sarah MacDonald introduced herself. It took a while for the cameraman with the big heavy camera to catch up. She asked about what happened earlier and if she could interview me. She was breathing hard so I thought she might be nervous that she was with some psycho Nazi but I misunderstood. She was just breathing hard from running. I said, “You can relax. You can talk to me if you like,”or something like that. She asked if I did the Nazi salute and I said, “Yes, I can do it for you too,” as I raised my arm into the air as they filmed that. I suggested that the sound wasn’t that good with the traffic on 12th Ave. And I suggested moving off the street. Sarah said, “It’s OK on the street but could we cross to the other side and stand in the shade.” So we did that and they filmed me again. After she made me spell out my first and last name I added, “Just to start off, I don’t want you to lose your job so don’t agree with me and don’t criticize the Rothschild Zionist Talmudists.” Then she asked me about the organizers and the Canadian Action Party and Soldiers of Odin.

I said, “I wanted to come to meet and support Joey and Jesse. I don’t have anything against Islam but I know they care about immigration and in 1965 Jewish lawyers changed the immigration policies in Canada and the United States to bring in lots of non white immigration for the purpose of undermining the white majority. But the Canadian Action Party I don’t trust because it is run by Brad Salzberg who I know and he’s a Jew. I think he is controlled opposition. Soldiers of Odin (SOO) I know and I stood with them here at the last protest against Trudeau a few months ago. I talked with their vice-president, Chucky and he agreed that I could interview him for my Brian Ruhe Show. I have phoned him since and I just called him this morning.

I was saying that because I had intell from my NS friend who didn’t show up that SOO supported Israel. I was deliberately associating me, a flaming Nazi, with them so that Sarah could unwittingly say that on CTV News that night. That afternoon I left Chucky a voicemail that his name may be on the six o’clock News. Sarah said, “It’s likely you will be on the six o’clock News.” I nodded. We had a cheerful goodbye and the cameraman gave me his name. Later I discovered that they gave me four seconds of air time on the six oclock News with me saying, They asked to see my pin, then the video focuses clearly on my Adolf Hitler pin for about two seconds.

My friend and I passed two policeman guarding the blocked off 12th Ave. and I told them the police said I would be charged with disturbing the peace if I went back, even tough I was the peaceful one and the crowd had aversion for me. We walked on to Tim Horton donuts on the corner of Main and Broadway and I had a large double double coffee, which I learned from copying Paul Fromms Tim Horton Donut practice. To celebrate I also ordered a double chocolate donut to commemorate my great day! I was wearing my Hitler pin all the time so a man got into an engaging conversation with me and he later phoned and wanted to talk some more.

My NS friend and I went to my place to download his video and photos but my computer didnt interface with his phone. Then I took off my suit and put on shorts and a T shirt and we picked some gooseberries and mulberries at Kits Compost Garden at Maple St. At 6th Ave. before he took the bus home. I then made a few phone calls, went online to see some videos on this event and then I put my signature white jacket and red Nazi tie back on and headed back to City Hall to film my recollection of the big day, as this was such an unexpected success. I hope my YouTube hits go up, which is not the bottom line but it is one goal of ours.

Another result could be that my notoriety will cause the Jews to organize and lobby YouTube to delete by entire channel with 1500 videos. That is my biggest professional fear but I wont tell people that, and then expose my weakness.

When I got off the bus at Broadway and Cambie half a dozen people, about age 30 recognized me and they smiled and waved me over to talk with them. They were a lot of fun and I filmed our conversation for YouTube with their permission.

Then my second NS friend randomly happened to show up again. This was about 7:00 pm, more than five hours after I was arrested and he was filming me as well. Why on earth was he there five hours after the speeches were over and the crowd had dispersed? Later I reflected that he may be a spy watching me as this was the fourth time he just showed up. Before, he popped up at the Trump Tower protest after the election. He then filmed the video about it which I now have on YouTube and he filmed me interviewing a topless, very young lady, which anyone can watch on YouTube. On another occasion he appeared again during a nude swimming event at Templeton pool in East Vancouver, which I went to, with another friend. Was he filming me then to get compromising images? He openly told us that his father was a high enough ranking mason and that he himself is designated as lewis, which in freemasonry denotes a freemason brought into the fraternity by his father; which gives him some masonic protection from the law if he ever gets into trouble with the police.

For years I have assumed that my emails and phones are being monitored so he could have been quickly informed of my moves so as to show up filming me. So what; he’s nice guy and he can say hi to CSIS for me. I don’t know. He probably isn’t intell but he has that uncanny quality of showing up when I never call him and most of the time he is filming me. I do have a personal fondness for him. I can guess what is going to happen next. Sinead McCarthy is going to accuse me of being a double agent. She made the YouTube video attacking me, (((Brian Ruhe))) is Our Greatest Ally.

This group of laughing, half seriously paying attention young people, then invited me and my possible agent friend to the Storm Croft pub to play the Secret Hitler game. I couldnt refuse that now, could I? So I accepted but explained that I needed about 20 minutes to film my recollections at City Hall. They were a bit disappointed that I would keep them waiting at the pub but that was OK with them. The suspected agent and I went to City Hall and saw a group of about ten young people who recognized me. We stood filming near the spot where the story unfolded on 12th Ave.

Next, a young Dutchman, about 24 years old angrily came over to confront me saying that he was Dutch and the Nazis invaded his parents country. We have that whole heated exchange on video so you will be able to see it there after I upload it, as he gave permission and it was filmed in a public space anyhow. That was gold!

Then I filmed a video right in front of City Hall in the background describing the whole one hour I experienced from 12:38 pm when I arrived until six police escorted me away at about 1:30 pm before the official speeches, which never happened, didnt start.

This was such a violation of the sacred principle of freedom of speech. The people who were given permission by the city to speak, never did. They didnt show up and they probably would have been drown out by 4000 people who are like children. Those sheeple were speaking in favour of their own demise. Just go online and listen for an hour to their nonsense, syrupy speeches. Its sad, for more enlightened Buddhists like myself, to witness this. We may all lose this struggle for the good, the true and the beautiful because the Buddha taught that the future is uncertain.

Then we said goodbye and I finally hopped on my bike and rode over to the Storm Crow Alehouse at 1619 West Broadway. My new friends at an arms length, were there, three men and one woman. They were happy to see me so I sat down with them and one man said, We didnt think you were going to arrive! I asked the waitress for water as I was going to order food and they were just drinking beer. Then the funnest guy of all show me the Secret Hitler game! But he explained that they already played it before I arrived so they invited me to a card game and I accepted. As we were carrying on a woman from the pub management came over and asked me to leave! She said, Someone point you out to us so I have to ask you to leave. Then she looked at the other four and I cut in and said, Oh! I dont know them. We just me today. I am a genuine Nazi, yes. Well, you have to go, she said. OK, I replied and I got up and left as the rest were all smiling and laughing the whole thing off. I left my card although none of them ever took my card. As I was walking out I knew full well this was a violation of the fundamental and sacred right of freedom of association. So that, and free speech, was violated on red Saturday, August 19th, 2017. Two days before the full eclipse of the sun.

I took my bike home and was up until past 2:00 am writing this document and combing the internet for the stories attached below. I was so pleased with myself but I managed to get to sleep. I awoke five hours later around 7:00 am, even more pleased with myself, scheming about how I could use all of this to spread more truth in the world about the Rothschild, Zionist Talmudists!

Here are some photos followed by links to this story below…

Anti-Islam Rally in Vancouver Overwhelmed by Counterprotesters

At minute 14:00, I am on at:

I was on the Georgia Straight website in this 29 second video:

I was on CTV TV website at about 2:25 for four seconds at,

I posted this comment on the Georgia Straight at

In this web article below, I am in two different videos, being escorted away by eight police officers and people yell obscenities at me.

A good set of four photos with the Antifa boy who tried to rip off my swastika pin

I have a BIG smile in this one:

I made this comment on the Georgia Straight website comments section:

You can see the irony of obvious hate directed at me, Brian Ruhe. I am the man in the video, smiling kindly to everyone, joking about how my hair looks, while the Antifa fellow yells hate at me at the top of his lungs, “Fuck off Nazi scum!” “Drop dead Nazi scum!!”

Then Karen Segal below, who I know, tries to commit character assassination against me saying, “The man in the video is Brian Ruhe. He teaches Buddhist meditation in the city. Scary mentally ill man. He sometimes attends Meetup groups, most recently the cherry blossom walk where he chats up women. Be careful of him.”

I was denied my freedom of speech as the police told me to leave and if I came back I would be charged with disturbing the peace. Please drop me a line at or phone me at 604-738-8475. Those 4000 people today were largely foolish, unaware of how they have been duped by cultural Marxism. My YouTube channel with two million hits is for some thoughtful commentary and interviews with guests.

Be well, happy and peaceful,

Brian Ruhe

August 6, 2017

Very sad news came in today that yesterday Ernst Zundel died.

I made this eulogy video with Paul Fromm:

This is a message below, that his wife Ingrid sent which was forwarded to me…

It is my quiet duty to notify you that my husband, Ernst Zundel, passed away yesterday at the home in the Black Forest in Germany where he was born.

Details are still sketchy, but I know that his sister, Sigrid, was with him when it happened.  She found him unconscious and called the ambulance.  He was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.  Apparently it was a heart attack.

That is really all I know at this time.

Please put this notice on your website.  There will be an official press release in a few days.

What can I say?  Perhaps just this:  “… that there has passed a radiance from this earth …”

Ingrid Zundel

Ernst Zundel was the Paul Revere of Holocaust revisionism and I shed a tear when I got the news this morning. To me, he was part of the foundation under my feet in what I work for and strive for today. He accomplished so much of the results that we build upon. Without his great success at telling the world the truth about WW II and Germany, I could not be going as far as I have gone with my message in my YouTube vidoes. I will miss him but I also celebrate his great life, lived to age 78. I hope he has a happy rebirth amongst the National Socialist devas (angels) in Nuremberg heaven. Bless you Ernst Zundel!!

-Brian Ruhe

July 28, 2017

Dr. Fredrick Töben comments on the German people:  

What an example of clarity of thought – revealing the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of those Germans who have adopted the perpetual guilt concerning the still unproven allegations that during WWII Germans killed Jews in homicidal gas chambers, in particular at Auschwitz. Labelling the book as “antisemitic”  proves the point Sieferle is making, and he clearly illustrates how this statement about homicidal gassings has never been tested for truth-content, and so “Auschwitz” and “antisemitism” have gained legal protection through Germany’s blasphemy law, protecting this assertion as a dogma that cannot be questioned.

There are some parallels between Germans and Jews: The Jews never accepted Christ as the Saviour and thus never submitted to the Christians. The Germans submitted to the Auschwitz religion – accepted their guilt and are working hard to exterminate themselves as a people.

This is something the New World Order would dearly love to see happen. But Georg Kausch has shown how Germania and its 2000-year history – Die unbequeme Nation –  – has experienced such devastating defeats before and to this day still continues to reassert itself against the mental impulses emanating out of Rome and Jerusalem.

July 13, 2017

One of our supporters passed this along to us…

Just read this of Otto Rahn’s  book
on page 53:

The Natural History of the Roman Pliny the Ancient, tells us that the most distant land that was known was Thule, where, during the summer solstice, when the sun passed into the sign of Cancer, there was no night, just as there were very few days at the time of the winter solstice.

Interesting stuff, worthwhile of a study.

June 6, 2017  mass email:

Hello from the Thule Society,

Happy summer! I want to announce that our website now has it’s first song recorded which you can download. I rewrote the lyrics to six songs to have pro-Hitler, National Socialist lyrics. Stephen Craft is an American member of our society and he volunteered 20 hours of his time to record every track of this Talking Heads song, “Psycho Killer”. Please go ahead and give it a listen. It will put a smile on your face! A big thank you to Stephen! You need to scroll down over 80% of the way down the long “Spiritual Practices” page on this webiste to find it under the section titled, “Thule Society Music”.

June 1, 2017

Medieval German Esotericism

For the Thule Society it would be good to include more about medieval German esotericism. Arthur Schopenhauer was the first German mystic. He introduced eastern philosophy, Buddhism and more personal reflection to German philosophy. He was the biggest influence upon Hitler amoug those philosophers. Not Kaunt; he is too arid. Friedrich Nietzsche is good for us to study too. Cornelius Agrippa was a German polymath, physician, legal scholar, soldier, theologian and an occult writer back in the 1500s but he was a bit dark, a bit of a sorcerer. Athanasias Kersher introduced Egyptology to Germany. Who is interested in making a contribution to our website or videos regarding these Germans?

May 23, 2017

This story below comes from Paul Martin in the US.

My first Zen teacher was Roshi Philip Kapleau. I spent about 18 years arduously practicing in his teaching line.

It’s still put out that he was part of the Nuremberg trials for “crimes against humanity”, and this no doubt helped vindicate him in the mid to late 1960’s as some sort of moral expert, got him a lot of Polish students, as well as attracting initial support from corporate Rochester N.Y via the wife of a high up in the Xerox corporation.

As mentioned I left that teaching line in heartbreaking disgust and spent another 15 or so years practicing Chinese Chan with Master Sheng-yen.

Master Sheng-yen went out of his way to not give me any support or vindication outside private interviews.

The rest has been solitary practice outside the system, an honoured Mahayana Practice that’s not too popular these days (because it’s not controlled!).

The whole story is on my website: under “Read more about Master Laughing Cloud”.

I turned down getting Zen Transmission from Master Sheng-yen after he offered it to me and saying that I was a Chan, or Zen Master in a semi private interview.

That was 17 years ago.

Between then and now I’ve been on a vertical learning curve losing long held notions about humanity’s collective suffering that I now see as yet another form of Buddhist Enlightenment.

I’m tired of Chinese Buddhist practitioners telling me that since I’m a Westerner without a diploma of transmission I don’t know what I’m talking about……and I even get the same from white Europeans practicing under Oriental teachers.

This has left me with the challenge of vindication through teaching.

So, with your patience, check out an excerpt from my latest book, and let me know what you think.

I have nothing to lose, so don’t hold back on insults or kudos.

My website has been in construction for several years and is practically invisible.

There are other articles in it you may find interesting, and many more to come.



-Paul Martin (Laughing Cloud)

May 7, 2017

The Rebirth of the Fourth Reich

by Brian Ruhe

There is a possibility that the Fourth Reich will arise in the future. Three different sources of information point to this. The prophecies of the Boer Nicholaas van Rensberg from South Africa are recorded in the book, Messenger of God. He died in 1926 and was correct on 400 prophecies. He stated that after a WW III the northern hemisphere would be laid wasted and the Germans would rise in Namibia, Africa and that they would become the most powerful people in the world. I have several YouTube videos about this on my Brian Ruhe Channel at the playlist called South Africa at:

Another source is the Buddha’s teachings on karma and rebirth. The Buddha taught that karma is individual but if millions individuals, such as in National Socialist Germany worked strongly together and died together, they could take rebirth together. The Buddha taught that similar beings tend to group together. Many Germans could have become devas (angels) and they could take rebirth in the future as people on earth.

The other source is the channeled writings of Seth, which came through Jane Roberts. In her 1972 book, Seth Speaks, on pages 212 – 213 she writes that people reincarnate and whole civilizations can do so as well. Quotes:

“In a manner of speaking, it can be said that you have reincarnational civilizations as well as reincarnating individuals. Each entity who is born in flesh works toward the development of those abilities that can be best nurtured and fulfilled within the physical environment. He has a responsibility to and for the civilization in which he has each existence, for he helps form it through his own thoughts, emotions and actions.

As you are given many lives in which to develop and fulfill your abilities, so has the species in those terms been allotted more than the single line of historical development with which you are presently acquainted. The reincarnational structure is but one facet in the whole picture of probabilities. In it you have literally as much time as you need, to develop those potentials that you must develop, before leaving the reincarnational existences. Groups of people in various cycles of reincarnational activity have met crisis after crisis, have come to your point of physical development and either gone beyond it, or destroyed their particular civilization.

In this case they were given another chance, having the unconscious knowledge not only of their failure, but the reasons behind it.”

I made a video about this with a Seth specialist called, “Seth’s Channeled Books and the Rise of the Fourth Reich” at:

So, in conclusion, Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists of the past could take rebirth in the future and succeed next time in establishing a thousand year Reich which will crush Jewish domination next time and fulfill the dream and vision that the fuehrer had for the German people. We do not know when this will happen but Namibia seems to be the place where it will happen. You might want to move there to survive WW III and participate at the centre of the action with the German people.

Thule Society Newsletter April 13, 2017

Here is a funny story. On March 30th, I was awoken at 6:42 am with a phone call that I guessed was a telephone solicitor who called too early. It was a journalist from the Norway Business Daily named Marta Christensen phoning from Norway! She said she was not sure I was the right Brian Ruhe. She asked if I had YouTube videos about Hitler. I assured her I was the right Brian Ruhe.

She said that the Norwegian Defence was placing ads on my Hitler videos. I assumed she was writing a story about this as some people were complaining that the Norwegian Defence was placing ads on my Adolf Hitler videos. I made it clear that I am a National Socialist and that Hitler was good and that we have all been lied to about Hitler all of our lives.

She started talking to someone else and then abruptly hung up as though she was interrupted or something urgent just interrupted her. She did not say goodbye nor phone back.

I laughed at the idea of Norwegians getting upset that their military is trying to recruit young men using my Hitler videos! Ha ha!! Then, two days later I got a $127.25 donation and membership from a man in Norway so I assume he read a story about me. A couple of days after that another Norwegian paid to join the Thule Society too! I contacted a Thule member in Sweden and he found the article and video about me that they published so here it is:

Does anyone understand Norweigen?

Unfortunately you have to subscribe to read the whole article.

But she says that “Nazi sympathizer and Adolf Hitler admirer has over 6000 subscribers on YouTube,
and this week this ad from the Norwegian defence was played before one of Ruhe’s videos on the Google owned network.
Many advertisers have stopped their ads after they have been notified that they have been played before hate videos.
And now the Norwegian Defence will also look for alternative ways to advertise.”

Ha ha ha!


You are on this email list because you asked to be on it, from our Thule Society website. You have not become a member of the society yet so I encourage you to join with $25 Canadian or $20 USD. You can send it payable to Brian Ruhe by PayPal at my email address.

Thule Music

It is good for spiritual groups to have music to uplift the soul. I have written new Thule Society lyrics to familiar popular songs and these are on the website at:

A volunteer is the U.S. has gotten to work to record “Pshyco Killer” and he sent me his first take which sounds great! Stayed tuned for more about that in the future.

Finally, I encourage you to contemplate upon the spirit of Adolf Hitler, do the spiritual practices written on our website and think more in this way, bringing the blessings of the higher realms down into your own life. It would be good if you could find a trusted friend and share this website with them to see if they could join you in fellowship and have meetings where you can talk with another person about this reality. We are a web based society so if you are to have meetings with real people, face to face in your town, then you need to fine them.

Heil Hitler!

Brian Ruhe


GREAT NEWS!!! David Rockefeller DIED TODAY! YEAH!!! At age 101 on March 20, 2017!

He was the biggest crypto Jew shill working for the Rothschilds and their Jew World Order. At the end of WW II he was 30 years old so he certainly did what he could to attack Adolf Hitler and our people. I hope this weakens the force of Mara in the New World Order.

After I received an email with the good news I got up and danced and clapped to the song “Our Lips are Sealed”!

It was also auspicious timing that on this same day the first person ever to donate the equivalent of a membership, did so. Below is our email thread about that…

On Mar 20, 2017, at 2:35 PM, Brian Ruhe <> wrote to Stephen Craft at :

Hi Stephen Craft!
You are the first person ever to pay for a membership in the Thule Society. March 20, 2017, the day that David Rockefeller died! Auspicious timing! I appreciated this. I’m curious what your interest is?
Brian Ruhe

Stephen Craft wrote:


You are very welcome sir! I am grateful for all the work you have done bringing justice to the German people and honor to the Fuhrer.

I was unaware that Rockefeller died this day. I honestly woke early this morning and decided to make a pledge to your work. The timing is definitely auspicious.

I discovered the Thule Society from a good friend who recommended you. My passion is to do my part to expose the lies and deception that has surrounded the historical narrative of National Socialist Germany. As you know, the world has been led astray by the great deceiver, hopelessly lost at times it seems. It has been this way for far too long.

I would like to learn more about Thule and channelling.

I have a distant relative, 12th SS Commander Fritz Witt, who like many others, have been dishonored by the lies never given proper recognition for making the ultimate sacrifice for us to wake and recognize the evil Jews that have done horrible, disgraceful things throughout history.

If there is anything at all that I can do to further your efforts and do what is right please do not hesitate to call upon me anytime. It is good to make your acquaintance here and again I am thankful for all your work! Take care and reach out anytime. SIEG HEIL!!!

Stephen Craft/

Thank you Stephen!

You words are already a support. I don’t often have people around me in person who understand, let alone agree with, my passion for our sacred fuehrer. One thing I could ask you is for your permission to post your email below or some similar writing from you on our Thule Society website. It may encourage others to donate or support the society.

I want to commit myself to the fuehrer. I want to focus on interviewing people like New Order and other NS groups so that the Thule Society Video Library will be the Go To Place on Planet Earth for anyone interested in a spiritual view on Adolf Hitler. Other people can criticize the Jews.

Seig Heil!



I could not agree more. For many folks I have met they seem to be more interested in critiquing the Jews and all other races for that matter. I am more passionate about bringing honor to the spirit if Adolf Hitler and the many who followed him to their ultimate sacrifice. I have travelled to many parts of the world including Arab speaking regions. I have a great appreciation for the preservation of the many unique cultures on our precious planet.

I do not mind if you would like to take any of my quotes for the Thule Society page…I would be honored! Feel free to use my full name if you feel you would prefer. I am an open National Socialist. I use my real name on twitter, VK, and other social network platforms. I am honored to be alive to be one of many who are working to bring honor to Adolf Hitler and the German people. It is the least we can do in this life.

Thank you again! Contact me anytime sir. Take care. SIEG HEIL!!!

Stephen Craft/

March 19, 2017

Thule Society newsletter #1, 2017

Dear Thule Society members,

I do need to write to you more often. The Thule Society had some success in January and now that our membership is 215 people, new members now have to pay to join. The free membership is over so you are the lucky ones! New members pay for a two year membership for $20 USD or $25 CAD (Canadian). Details on the website.

Our website has been improved and moved to a more secure hosting domain, Nearly Free Speech, thanks to donations from Dr. James Sears in Toronto who is paying our webmaster to do this work. Take a look! www.thulesociety

So far this year we have received $100 in donations to help pay for the website hosting which I still have to cover myself. Please donate so I can devote more time to the Thule Society as most of my time goes to The Brian Ruhe Show on YouTube. Our Thule Contemplative Society of Hitler playlist of videos is on that channel with some newly added videos at:

You can also show some initiative and think of ways to volunteer or I can send you a list of volunteer tasks that can be done.

I am in contact with Richard, a senior, long time National Socialist in America who expresses his feeling that he can regard the deification of Adolf Hitler as part of his worldview. I encounter more of us who have that heart felt conviction about our sacred fuehrer.

Recently I made a second YouTube interview with Gerhard Lauck in Nebraska who distributed more National Socialist literature around the world than anyone else during the 1970’s to 1990’s. It is at:

American National Socialist Stories with Gerhard Lauck on The Brian Ruhe Show

I also have countless interviews with Dennis Wise, the maker of the game changing documentary, “Adolf Hitler The Greatest Story NEVER Told.

For your spiritual path my advice is to follow the updated practices on our website under the heading “Spiritual Practices”. Please drop me a line and let me know what your experience is like. Adolf Hitler is a living experience in our hearts and minds and any two of us who gather in his name may invoke his presence.

Our society scored some small victory over the Jews in the higher realms in January and any advancement of our virtue against their spirit of darkness is significant. I’ve had waves of meditation practice where the visualization of Adolf Hitler in the sky was prominent. At times I visualized a thousand SS devas around me outside. Sometimes I saw a white swastika with a yellow background on the western horizon followed by the same image on the eastern horizon, as I walked down the street.

I got a kick out of the Jewish controlled Anti-Racist Canada website when they tried to denounce me with this backhanded compliment: “In short, Brian Ruhe is Canada’s 21st century poor man’s version of Savitri Devi, though he justifies his antisemitic Hitler worship based on a warped interpretation of Buddhism and, unlike Devi, Ruhe has the charisma of a lightly-used dish rag.” I am honoured to be compared to Savitri Devi!

I will be in touch more often and I hope to hear from you too as you get more involved with the Thule Society. I will close with this forward looking quote from Adolf Hitler. “It is necessary that I should die for my people; but my spirit will rise from the grave and the whole world will know that I was right.”

Spring into Nuremberg heaven!

Brian Ruhe



March 7, 2017

We’re just getting our new website established so this is exciting! It’s a better grounded website with more capability than what we had in our first year. Stay tuned………………………..!

-Brian Ruhe

Brian Ruhe scored a great three hour interview on July 20, 2016 with Dennis Wise, producer of the game changing 6.5 hour documentary:

Adolf Hitler The Greatest Story NEVER Told

Dennis Wise Interviewed by Brian Ruhe about Hitler – 1 of 4


Thule Contemplative Society of Hitler – Brian Ruhe – President email: Skype: brianaruhe

Tel. 604-738-8475

                                                                                                                  June 21, 2016

Hello Thule Society members,

We have recently started developing our website at . You are a member listed on our website at . We have some help from Dr. James Sears in Toronto as he has hired his layout, IT man, Robert James to work on our site. I added more headings and want to fill them out and add more spiritual practices. We now have over 100 members and I just took the time to make this first mass email list so I can contact you all at once for the first time.

The new writings for the past months have gone under a few of the tabs so please go and have a read and a look around. I would like to hear from you and email you more often and have a blog on the website so you can meet each other in a community forum. This is an inspiring time for us, as positive understanding and interest in Adolf Hitler is growing. Stick to the truth and dare to find people to express that truth to!

Our society functions on donations and I have credited donors who have helped. We had no membership fee until March 7, 2017 when we already had over 100 free members. Please join or send me a donation to continue this growth and direction. You can use my email address at with PayPal or contact me. The enemy has trillions of dollars, as well as governments, the judiciary and the media so money is necessary for us to function and grow. We have the truth, which is a power that keeps us rising up again and again!

We also had a Thule Society Facebook page made by our member Harijs until Facebook deleted below, it since we are holocaust deniers.

I am thankful to the people who have guided me and thankful for the blessings of the Internet, for the great gift of discovering the real truth about the great virtue and wisdom of Adolf Hitler and National Socialism. Instead of just talking about problems in the world, they gave us a blueprint for solutions, happiness, a successful society and spiritual depth.

I would like to hear from you and ask you to volunteer for our society. Ask not what the Thule Society can do for you, ask what you can do for the Thule Society. What are your talents and interests? Where would you like to volunteer? Please spread awareness of our website. I have a list of volunteer projects I can email to you and the website has some ideas too. We’re still getting the website organized.

I have added many new videos to the Video Library on our website so please do spend some time and please leave comments on the videos.

Heil Hitler!

Brian Ruhe

President Thule Society


The Pope is Part of Migrant Crisis

On May 15, 2016 I went to a Catholic Church mass in Surrey, British Columbia, outside of Vancouver at the Star of the Sea Parish. I’ll never be a Catholic but as a Theravada Buddhist, I have a geopolitical interest in the Catholic Church. I think their conception of god is wrong. I believe that what they call god is a brahma, as described by the Buddha. I am interested in reaching out to the hundreds of millions of English speaking Catholics out there who share a future which overlaps our goals for themselves in their protection of their future, from the International Jews.

At this service, the priest had a special presentation which was a video, encouraging people to donate to support the Syrian refugees. I assume this video played at Catholic churches across Canada. The video showed a Vietnamese Catholic telling his story as one of the boat people who fled Vietnam and a small Catholic community in Indonesia saved them and let his large family stay with them. And he was so thankful to the Catholic community of Vancouver, Canada who sponsored his family’s move to here.

Then the video showed other people extolling the virtues of being a good Christian by donating funds to help the Syrian refugees go to Europe or here to Canada.

Of course, I immediately saw what was obvious propaganda to me, which was aiding the efforts to bring young black and Muslim men from Africa so that they can rape white women in Europe and do what they can to destroy white, Christian civilization in Europe and Canada. And all of this was being promoted in a mainly white, conservative Catholic church with over 500 people at the Sunday service! We have a lot of work to do!

Like Vietnam, the war in Syria with ISIS was created by the International Jews for the purpose of harming humanity. But after the Vietnam war, people fled South Vietnam to avoid execution by the Vietcong. Today, young black economic opportunists are responding to ads paid for by Zionist power broker George Soros to go through Libya, which was a fine economy destroyed in another war caused by Jewish supremacy. The blacks and Muslims are aided every step of their travels to Europe with brochures and advice and assistance. That is completely different than innocent Vietnamese boat people in 1975 who were genuinely fleeing for their lives.

The Vietnamese come from an ancient civilization connected with the Chinese. They are close to Angor Wat which goes back 1200 years. As a race the Vietnamese and Oriental people do not come to the West looking for welfare. They work and they have worked hard for centuries. The black Africans who invade Europe today are coming, looking for welfare and whatever handouts they can get as they are enticed by their International Jewish puppet masters.

Look at this post here. Pope Fancis is part of the Jewish supremacists program to bring blacks and Muslims with conflicting worldviews into the finest societies in the world- Europe: 

Pope Francis washes and kisses feet of Muslim, Hindu and Christian refugees

Pope Francis: ‘We have different cultures and religions, but we are brothers and we want to live in peace’

The Pontiff washed and kissed the feet of men and women at the Castelnuovo di Porto refugees centre AP

Pope Francis washed and kissed the feet of Muslim, Christian and Hindu refugees as a ‘gesture of brotherhood’.

The Pope denounced Tuesday’s terrorist attacks in Brussels as a “gesture of war” during an Easter week mass with asylum-seekers at a shelter outside Rome yesterday.

The Holy Thursday rite re-enacts the foot-washing ritual Jesus performed on his apostles before being crucified, and is meant as a gesture of service.

The Pontiff contrasted that gesture with the “gesture of destruction” carried out by the Brussels attackers, saying they wanted to destroy the brotherhood of humanity represented by the migrants.


“We have different cultures and religions, but we are brothers and we want to live in peace,” he said.

Several of the migrants wept as Francis knelt before them, poured holy water on their feet, wiped them clean and kissed them.

Male and female refugees took part in the ceremony, including Catholics from Nigeria, three Muslims from Mali, Syria and Pakistan, and a Hindu man from India.


The Vatican’s new norms have said that anyone from the “people of God” could be chosen to participate in the ritual.

“All of us, together: Muslims, Hindi, Catholics, Copts, Evangelicals. But brothers, children of the same God,” the Pope added.

“We want to live in peace, integrated.”

Additional reporting by the Associated Press

So, this story above is evidence, that the man in the Vatican is opposed to the Catholic Church. Is the Pope Catholic? Pope Francis is, I believe, a mason, working for the International Jews, in subservience to them. He is not a man, standing up for the great Jesus. He is a servant of the ancient enemy of the Christians – Jews. This is what our world has come to. But, I am optimistic about the future.

Brian Ruhe

May 15, 2016

Thule Society President


March 22, 2016

First Attack Upon the Thule Society Comes From a Buddhist Monk

Senior Western Buddhist Monk Tells Lies About Lay Teacher – 1 of 2

In the YouTube video above, Brian Ruhe describes the first attack upon the idea of this Thule Society. It came from the Buddhist monk Venerable S. Dhammika in Singapore, who was the one who started a fight by picking on his former friend, Brian Ruhe. Brian is a lay Buddhist who has taught Buddhist courses and retreats in Thailand and Vancouver, Canada for 20 years. They have known each other for five years. Bhante Dhammika emailed to Brian three times and he completely rejected the idea of National Socialist devas, calling me crazy and telling me never to email him again. As a senior Western Buddhist monk with 40 years in the robes, he should know better. He knows that it is consistent with Buddhist philosophy that some German National Socialists from long ago could have died and gone to heaven as devas (angels). Please leave a comment on the YouTube video blogs.

Show Your Loyalty to Hitler

In Thich Nhat Hanh‘s book, “Old Path White Clouds” he quotes the Buddha but I don’t know if it’s a true quote. The Buddha says, “Love is understanding. You can’t fully love something or someone unless you understand them.”

Understanding Hitler is not enough to prove your loyalty to the fuehrer. You must understand and say that to others; the more pubic the better, to prove your loyalty. What is also essential is to agree with Hitler. If you understand him but condemn him, you are not at all loyal. Understand, believe and proclaim that boldly. Then, make some sacrifices. They can’t fire everyone from their jobs and you won’t be ostracized by all of your friends. What else can you do to prove your loyalty to Adolf Hitler? Please leave some comments here on this site.

Write out the vision at the Thule Society website. Then look for people to fill in that vision. Make videos with guests on The Brian Ruhe Show, or the Thule Mountain Show at Thule Mountain Productions. This vision provides the sensible focus for my time and my efforts. Build that vision.

Write the subtleties about being an apostle of peace at a profound level. My peace march from heaven came from a Buddhist perspective of devas and other realms of existence and our relationship with them. I am speaking from a perspective that is higher than Buddhist monks will reveal. And the peace that I have experienced permeates down into the lower levels beginning with higher levels of human organization. It appears that I am in favour of conflict between Jews and gentiles. This is a false view of my actions because I tell the truth from a higher level which is known to Buddhist monks and other adepts but they are protecting their own interests by not admitting this truth and not standing up to Jewish supremacy in the world, as I do.

March 4th, 2016

Each of Us Should Make Sacrifices

I remember March 4th, 1981 like it happened today. I was living on the 19th floor in Vancouver’s West End. My channel reached about 60% saturation as I looked west over the West End towards the Pacific Ocean. The buildings across the street looked like particles. That was an uplifting day. I made a YouTube video about this linked to our Video Library, on this website. It is linked here:

Adolf Hitler’s Spirit is Presently the Spiritual Guide at

I will write how my channel suggest to me how the 21st century will go down.

Jewish supremacy will collapse due to the UFO singularity. The future is uncertain and ‘the future can change”. It is a paradox to know and predict the future and to also state that what you just saw can change into something somewhat different. Buddhists relax with ambiguity because of confidence in the truth of the law of karma. If an awakened man has the ability to ‘see karma’ and might be able to see what is coming to ripen throughout the entire world in the entire 21st century.

This karma, may ripen this way or that. That karma, may ripen in 2016 or 2025 or 2077. But it is coming down. With the results of the UFO singularity, what difference do the details make? What does it matter when this is going to happen? Understand the law of karma because it is a natural law. Nothing can break this law. No Learned Elders of Zion can lie, cheat and deceive their way around this law.

So… you might as well be equanimous while you still apply effort for justice in this world of lying Jews. Don’t be a coward waiting for other truth activists to lose their job because they challenged Jewish power. Everyone of conscience, knowledge and courage should do their bit and work together. It is folly to sit back, wait and do nothing and expect the law of karma to take care of you. The Buddha’s rebuke to these stupid beliefs about karma was “Do not subject yourself to unnecessary dangers.”

Buddhist Monks Working with the Thule Society

Since Brian Ruhe has been a Buddhist for 25 years and remains so, he wants to consult with Buddhist monks for spiritual advice on matters effecting the Thule Society, as well as personal matters. He began with the community of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche on January 14, 1991 at the Vancouver Shambhala Centre. See : . Brian was a Tibetan Buddhist but had a big realization in Thailand and became a Theravada Buddhist around 1994. Since 2000 he joined the Ajahn Chah tradition which is one of several Theravada Buddhist organizations. He is still with them, just the same, unchanged, after 15 years.

Because of Mr. Ruhe’s realizations about the truth regarding Hitler and the Jews, he emailed his teacher Ajahn Sona in August 2014 suggesting that he publicly distance himslef from the monk and his monastery. They both agreed on this. Brian has not seen nor spoken to Ajahn Sona since.

Now that things have changed with this Thule Society blog content below, the channel thinks it wise to induce Mr. Ruhe to email Ajahn Sona, proposing that he resume his role as Brian Ruhe’s teacher and adviser. This section of writings was emailed to Ajahn Sona. This is part of Ruhe’s “open door president” behaviour.

The channel wants Ajahn Sona to Skype with Brian Ruhe occasionally when Brian requests his consultation. Other monks are also called upon to be available to talk with Ruhe. They are, amongst others, Ajahns Amaro, Jayasaro, Brahm, Thanissaro, and Bhikkhu Bodhi – all Western monks. “Ajahn” is a Thai word meaning “teacher.” All of these monks have an open invitation to be guests on “The Brian Ruhe Show” on YouTube.

When I added the Shambhala link above, on March 22. I clicked on it and found an article about a black youth shot to death by a white cop. I objected to the article as it promotes white guilt, very unfairly, so I left this comment and encourage you to leave one there as well.

I read this article and then made this post on my Facebook page at Brian Anthony Ruhe, Vancouver, Canada, with the link to this article.

I do not like this article because the Jewish author is subversively pushing a destructive Jewish agenda into a Buddhist organization. I joined Shambhala in 1991 but since became a Theravada Buddhist. I became a Buddhist and learned about Hitler and channeling from their teachings so I am deeply in debt to them. I would like to write to them and you people can help write to them too. This article promotes white guilt and seems to deny the facts that blacks kill white people 27 times more than whites kills blacks, in the United States.

I am supportive of the Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. This is very much about the inseparable imprint in my mind, since 1991, of the life and legacy of his father, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Brian Rune must prostrate publicly and bow down on a YouTube video to the image of Chogyam Trungpa and is dharma heir, the Vajra Regent Osel Tenzdin. From them, I became a Buddhist, learned how to channel and they taught me that Hitler was a medium and a master of the higher realms. My video about the Regent is at:

The Vajra Regent Osel Tendzin

A Realized Being

Brian Ruhe has become a realized being. It comes and goes. This is not a plateau from which a person can never descend, such as the Buddhist experience of becoming a stream enterer. Eckart Tolle and Adyashanti both claim to be fully enlightened. The kind of realization that Brian Ruhe has attained to is a specific one, out of several other specific types of realization (of which he knows little or nothing about). Ruhe has realized the truth about the Jews. He is also a channeler so he can receive useful information. That is the extent of his realization.

The UFO Singularity

The most important thing in the world is out of this world. UFOs. They are a genuine alien reality. The evidence is conclusive. In a speech President Kennedy said, “Our greatest challenge lies beyond the cold war”. Today we are now beyond the cold war. Now, our greatest challenge lies beyond the International Jews. If we overcome that menace, our greatest challenge (I accidentally wrote “channel” instead, so in case there is meaning to that mistake, I note that here) as a planet, is living within this reality of UFOs. The UFO Singularity was channeled and posted on Brian Anthony Ruhe’s Facebook page on December 6th, 2015. All members are encouraged to become Facebook friends with Brian Anthony Ruhe. Your acceptance is automatic.

I made a video about this, at:

This is the powerful vision for the whole future of mankind. It is the singularity. This is a word that was channeled to me on Dec. 6, 2015. “This is a channeled video at 50% saturation” Explain at the end of the video. Explain what that means too. It means that I am not 100% – like Edgar Cayce, going unconscious or into a trance state with a deva talking through my mouth, as Cayce routinely did. It means what is described in the chapter “How to Invoke Devas” in my 2003 book, “”Freeing the Buddha”. It means that I co-mingle consciousness with one or more spirits around me. “Spirit” is a generic terms for devas and/or ghosts. I have never known who the source is.

The fictionalized scene for the UFO singularity is from the “Star Trek: First Contact” movie, released November 22, 1996. The Enterprise goes back in time to the date when mankind first openly encountered alien life- the Vulcans. It is projected as April 5, 2063. This permanently changed all of mankind as they stepped in the community of neighbouring planets in the Milky Way galaxy. They were not going back to being a planet with separate countries struggling under the tyranny of the International Jews. Free at last.

This is an appropriate use of the term ‘singularity’ because UFOs are one single issue which so dominates and crowds out all other issues combined.

Everything that mankind has accomplished or thought about or aspired to, over millions of years, all at once, becomes a drop in the ocean of beings.

Every concern that has occupied my attention, from childhood dramas to the Jewish supremacy today, is dust in the wind being blown in my face from the UFOs.

Thule has a Free Hand

Have the selfless confidence to go out and offer guidance to more prominent people. Just write out your whole plan and email it to them cold. They may appreciate you thinking of them and they may not take offence to us recommending to them what to do. Like my channeled idea to get members to make the videos that I wanted to make for myself, and get credit for myself, keep putting the spotlight upon OTHERS within the truth movement. That is leadership.

Let’s turn the New World Order on it’s Head

As the International Jews have worked tirelessly for centuries to succeed with a New World Order, we can use their very means and results and turn it on it’s head. We can get into those centres of power or find fresh, original ways to act. The Jews fear that one of their own will be a good person plus rise to power. Such a man or woman could cause positive changes to happen quickly.

Thule, Back in the Early Days

There is a video about this Thule website, our Facebook page and how primitive it currently is. Go to:

Adolf Hitler’s Spirit is Presently the Spiritual Guide at

Feb. 28, 2016

Now here’s something mundane for you, and I’ll just talk in the first person now…

We need a blog for this website so everybody can talk to each other! True free speech is about that cacophony of voices with all kinds to opinions and the Thule Society policy is to encourage this on our blog every single day. I don’t have the web skills to make a blog and no one has yet volunteered. So, I can go online and try to learn how; I can bug previous volunteers to help me; some amongst our new members and step forward and volunteer; I can raise money here to pay somebody, or I can spend more of my own money.

I paid Kyle Hunt at Renegade Broadcasting $100 US (that was $147 Canadian) to create this website but he’s a busy man doing great work for our movement and he can’t afford to do this for free. Kyle went far beyond the call of duty for that small amount and spent some volunteer hours on this site as well. The whole vision on the face page this website of having that uplifting photo of the lone man on top of the mountain was something I had no flicker of concept about. I was comparing other sites that were rather darkly lit or had lists of links on the face page. When Kyle first created the site in December 2015 I opened it and, Heil! There was our facepage photo with bright White mountains. That was 100% Kyle’s idea! So positive, upbeat, inspiring!

Symbol Contest

One of my advisers emailed me. He was a baby during the Dresden bombing and his family survived because the lived up on a hill. He said, “Brian! Every movement or organization has a symbol! Or they should have a symbol.” He’s my Dresden survivor adviser. Is that a tongue twister? Maybe I should call him ‘survivor adviser’ or ‘Dresden adviser’ or ‘adviser who’s a Dresden survivor’ or just ‘Dresden survivor adviser.’ I have spent many sessions of hours listening to his knowledge. In 2011 he really explained to me who Hitler really was. As with many people in our biz…… he wants to be anonymous. So, he let’s me take credit for his ideas. I have a pretty sweet job here, eh?

Carrying on… we don’t yet have a symbol for the Thule Contemplative Society of Hitler. The one on this website was never discussed, as of this posting. I’m heavily influenced by New Order. So what should our symbol be? Please email me suggestions at: . Of course, it would be more logical to email it to my chief of staff since presidents with a vision for the future are supposed to have more important things to do than manage symbol contests or build websites. But since I have no chief of staff you can contact me for now.

Thule Society Facebook Page

We have a volunteer in California, Harijs Āboliņš who has made our Facebook page! Take a look and you can blog there or here (in the future). In July 2016 Facebook threatened to shut down this page.

Harijs is an example of someone who takes the initiative and makes things happen! He’s posted some inspiring photos and videos of the past life of our spiritual guide, Adolf Hitler deva.

Homage to New Order

Now that the Thule Society has experienced a modest success, our President now admits that although the Thule Society has something sacred, which distinguishes it as more than just a Canadian knock off of the American New Order, respects must be paid to our elders. Please spend a lot of time on the New Order website at . These are the real National Socialists of America and the Thule Society stands upon their shoulders. They go back to the year 1959, months before Brian Ruhe was born and he agrees with the content of their website, their other writings and their spiritual message. The Thule Society should get together with New Order. Instead of having little organizations here and there, benefits can come from forming one larger organization.

Update Feb. 27th, 2016

Thule President Brian Ruhe was on Red Ice Radio for a second time yesterday. Henrik was very welcoming to Brian and he seems genuinely interested in our society and he’s on the right side of Adolf Hitler. Henrik asked Brian about the Thule Society and Brian spoke at length in the last quarter, but it is in the members section. How about helping out Red Ice after they helped widely publicize the Thule Society? The benefits of membership, are for you. Red Ice is one of the globe’s largest alternative media radio podcast shows with listeners of 50,000 – 400,000 per show. The talk is on YouTube at this link:

Brian Ruhe & Alfred Schaefer – Breaking Modern Day Taboos & Fear of Thinking Different – Hour 1

Melanie in Red Ice Bookings wrote this to Brian Ruhe:

Good morning, Brian,

The Red Ice Radio program has been released and is now available on our websites.

Link to the first hour:

The first hour also goes up on Stitcher, Soundcloud, LinkedIn and a few other places that pick up our feed. It will be uploaded to YouTube within a few days. If you want to embed the player, you can grab the embed code from the menu in the player.

Link to the full program:

You’ll be able to access the second hour with the membership we recently set up for you. Please let me know if you need a reminder about those login details.

Thanks again for being our being our guest! It was nice to hear so much more from you this time. You and Alfred laid out some very valuable information.

Wishing you all the best,

Melanie Price


Update January 10, 2016

On this day I was exactly the same age as Adolf Hitler was the moment he died on April 30, 1945. We were both age 56 and ten days. The insights I received on this day happened starting the last ten minutes of watching the Star Wars – The Force Awakens movie, in China.

The third principle of the Thule Society is the sacred power of Adolf Hitler. That power is the elemental forces in the universe. The power of good and evil. The forces of good channeled through Adolf Hitler. That force is known by different names. Good and bad is called yin and yang or the Buddhists call the force of evil Mara. Adolf Hitler channeled the wholesome force of truth or dhamma into this world.

The TS works with the sacred power and the sacred mystery of Adolf Hitler and the sacred power and the sacred mystery that lies beyond Adolf Hitler. This force or presence is given different names by different people. We leave the definition of that to the privacy of the individual members of the TS.

Brian Ruhe is the president of the TS. Instead of being a minister, the role is president. Like the SS the TS can include a High Priest or High Priestess. There can be several HPs. I had the realization to ask the Dhammakaya Buddhist tradition from Thailand. The forest tradition of Ajahn Chah at served its purpose for my training and still does but it doesn’t want to be a part of the Thule Society. I can formally invite them and wait for a no answer or for silence.

The Dhammakaya tradition in Thailand is more appropriate because they overtly use Nazi symbolism and Nuremberg rally principles. I assume they are pro Hitler or secretly pro Hitler or some monks are pro Hitler. We should approach them from the top down and ask that they select a High Priest monk to provide some spiritual leadership for the TS. The president is the highest authority in the TS but the HPs also have spiritual authority to lead the Thule Society. The organizational structure is modelled after National Socialist Germany with Hitler as the fuehrer and leader. The SS was led by Heinrich Himmler as an entity apart from and above the state itself. The TS is apart from and above the Truth and Justice for Germans Society and all other like minded organizations.

We want to recruit monks and other spiritual men and women to be HPs in the TS. Their mission is to channel down higher realm power to defend good from evil, to defend our movement from the Jewish supremacists. We want them to do regular practices to effect this and to teach average members spiritual practices so that they can participate in doing this themselves. This is very much at the heart of what the TS is all about. It is not illegal to do this and few, of any other like minded organizations, publicly state on their website that they are doing this or that they advocate doing this. This is what makes the Thule Society special and powerful. We are working with the higher realms and we are better able to attract talented powerful people because we are an organization in the world which does so publicly. Therefore we can move faster and more decisively in the battles to come.

Flying saucer design. As stated in section “Using Higher Realm Powers”, one of our higher realm purposes is to channel down flying saucer design. The monks in the Dhammakaya sect are invited to join us as HPs. They can work on this project and this project also invites the Thai people to participate and support it. We cannot trust Jewish controlled governments with power and control over our flying saucer designs. We need to assess and make a decision about how much to trust the Thai government. If we accept a partnership with the Thai government, apart from the US or Israeli governments, then the power of flying saucers can come within the domain of Thailand. This same process can be extended to China and/ or Russia. This process is in no particular order.

This was written by Brian Ruhe on the very day that he became exactly the same age as Adolf Hitler was when he died.

Updates to this website were made on Jan. 10, 2016 under these three sections:


Using Higher Realm Powers

Board of Directors Developing