Membership is open to members of all nationalities who share our concerns and stated objectives.

Membership candidates must be at least 14 years of age, agree with the principles and goals of the society with applicable local laws.

Members will receive our emails and be able to participate in the meetings and activities of the society both in person or online, including participation as volunteers for specific roles as needed, or to host events in their own communities with prior approval of the society.

The society resides in Vancouver, BC. All members, however, regardless of where they reside, will be able to communicate with the Board of Directors to share information, voice their opinions and concerns, make suggestions, participate in some of our events and activities, etc.

Only the elected directors of the society, or members specifically appointed by them, are permitted to publicly represent the society, and to speak or publish statements on behalf of the society.

The fee for membership is $25 CAD or $20 USD every two years.


You can send your money payable to Brian Ruhe as we don’t yet have a society bank account. You can follow the donation instructions on his website at: email him at .

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