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Oct. 19, 2018

Top Of The Morning To You Brian

There has to be something to bind us all together. Hitler deva is that one thing. But there has to be a common philosophical foundation that we all Genuine National Socialists share.
The function of the Thule Society is to rediscover that foundation and recover it, after all of these years of deceit and suppression of the truth. You are the only one who is doing what I long ago realized had to be
done if there is ever going to be rebirth of NS as a serious force in the world capable of changing it. Things are not as they were in Germany in the old days so a strict reconstructionism won’t work. We must
adapt the movement to the present day circumstances that we find ourselves in in all of our various locations. While staying true to the actual original foundation that has been established for us by the Fuehrer, Adolf Hitler the man.

My next blog will be titled – Mussolini, Right & Left Fascism, and The Italian Social Republic. I will discuss why the latter remained faithful to the alliance with Hitler and Germany and why so many Italians
volunteered for the Roma Division of the Waffen SS, and what the Italian Fascists offer we in the Thule Society for contemplation today. There was far more to it than just Anti-Communism as Hitler realized.

Heil Hitler deva!

Oct. 18, 2018

Good Morning Brian

While I was writing it it occurred to me that it was an “attack piece” as it is called in journalism as much as anything has ever been, and you may not consider it appropriate for the Thule Society. But still you needed to know about it since Hitler deva has placed you in charge. It would be disloyal of me not to warn you, at least in private. Just like individuals were being disloyal to Hitler when they withheld the truth from him during the war causing him to make serious mistakes on occasion. With that being said I have been asking myself what could I glean from my little tirade that could be of benefit to the other members of the Thule Society that wouldn’t get you into trouble. So at least for now the following is what I came up with. (It isn’t necessary to include this paragraph in the post.)


In my study of the philosophy of The Martial Arts, specifically that form of Zen Buddhism practiced by the Japanese Samurai, I kept coming across the above expressions. As a Westerner they sounded ridiculous to me. I had yet to learn that Japanese is a particularly difficult language to translate into English, because the literal translations of Japanese words can hopelessly cloud what the Japanese writer/speaker is actually saying. Finally, after a considerable time and effort I began to understand.

Fighting Without Anger – In a conflict our emotions are not our friends. They muddle our thinking causing us to make careless and stupid mistakes. When we realize that we are about to enter combat the first thing we must do is Quieten The Mind, that is try to remove all emotions and extraneous thoughts and just practice the art in the way we must in order to win. Nobody can do this perfectly of course. But the more you can do so the better you are going to be at the martial art you are practicing.

Walking With Humility – It most assuredly doesn’t mean letting oneself be a doormat for people. What it means is we shouldn’t go around being controlled by a False Ego with a chip on our shoulders looking for a fight. Do so and in very short order somebody with more self-discipline is going to show up and knock that chip off your shoulder for you.

Always be prepared to fight if one must but also always look for balance in all things. The balance like the Yin-Yang Symbol Symbolizes. You will have a calmer Spirit, a more rational and healthier Mind, and be a more successful warrior in the Body.

A danger I see when we are governed by false-ego and out of control emotions is we leave ourselves open to influences from the Demonic Realms and their ruler the Demon-God Loki (That is Satan to those of the Christian persuasion.) We begin to think like they do I’m saying. Which means we start acting like them. If we use our enemies thinking and tactics to defeat them then even if we are successful at it they have won. Because they have made us like them. In which case why even bother to start with opposing them.

We Aryans should be like our very ancient ancestors, people of Honor and Principals. We are the last hope for the survival of our people and they and Our Fuehrer, Adolf Hitler deva, deserve and have a right to expect nothing less from us.

Hiel Hitler deva!


Oct. 12, 2018

I have invited Randall Hilburn from Missouri to be on the Thule Society Board of Directors and he has accepted. This is his latest post:

Have you ever asked yourself what makes an Aryan? It can’t be just a question of the blood, one can see from the people in the world around you. There also has to be a certain Spirit involved. Without it the blood doesn’t matter. So a True Aryan therefore would have to be a certain Spirit contained within a certain Body. A Certain Blood is of course of critical importance, BUT only if it is accompanied by a certain Spirit.

I for one believe in the Vedic concept of Devolution. That is that we come down as Spirits from the Higher Realms to take up residence in a particular Physical Body. Then we return once again to those Higher Realms after physical death. That is where our true home lies. (I am just giving a quick overview of the matter here.) Depending on each individuals peculiar situation we may or may not return to the Physical Ream (Midgard) in a different physical body. We may return because we need to grow in maturity before we can stay on the Higher Planes, or we voluntarily come down to help others or to accomplish a particular mission.

The Body is the Container of Consciousness not the source. It allows a certain Spirit to function within the physical environment. Like the suit an Astronaut must wear to function in Space by way of example. An Aryan Spirit requires a particular racial body to be able to function in this realm. One can’t say that necessarily means a European Body because there are the Eastern Aryans who migrated into Asia while the Western Ones did so into Europe.

Heil Hitler Deva!

My comment on Randall’s good post above, it that the Buddha taught that human beings descended from devas. So we did ‘come down’ from the heavenly realms to the human form on earth.

Heil Hitler deva!
Brian Ruhe



Oct. 9, 2018

Dear Brian,

It is my conviction that even though International Jewry stands astride the world like a Colossus, it is a giant very much with feet of clay. Many “common people”, both Aryan and Non-Aryan, around the world are on to them. But these Jews control most of the worlds economy and governments and are still able to keep mankind under control, for the moment. These Oligarchs know this, that the masses are beginning to wake up, and are deathly afraid that if they lose control the various peoples will combine together against them and they and their dreamed of global plantation will be done for once and for all. If the 3rd Reich and their allies had won the war that would have been exactly what they would have faced. A global National Socialist confederation of NS racial states for each race led by Germany which would leave them nowhere to run and with no way to play the Goyem off against each other ever again. That was why they tried so relentlessly to destroy National Socialism then and are trying just as desperately to destroy it now.

Heil Hitler Deva!
Randall Hilburn

Oct. 6, 2018

We are faced with the exact same set of circumstances as the Romans and the 3rd Reich for examples, faced. How to deal with the Evil Jews as opposed to the majority of them who don’t necessarily have a part in what the others are doing. The problem being that the first group melts into the second group and blends with them so that outsiders can’t tell them apart. The guilty ones use the innocents as a sort of human shield. When the latter is made to suffer then the former will insist in sharing in their victimhood.

Kristalnacht is a prime example of this. Zionist Jews assassinated the German Ambassador To France. Which provoked popular retaliation against Jewish shopowners in Germany who had no part in the crime. Hitler saw the game the Zionists were playing and denounced the retaliation against the wrong people. In any case the Zionist perpetrators succeeded in playing the victims along with the innocent shopkeepers and used what happened to help encourage their fellow Jews to immigrate to Palestine where they were working to seize control. Using their control of most of the worlds press they were also able garner popular support among the unknowing general populations of a number of countries.

We cannot allow ourselves to take a scattergun approach in dealing with the Jews. Or else we run the certain risk of being played by them. Like what happened before. We must be like Our Fuehrer and not allow ourselves to be governed by our raw emotions.

On the other subject brought up by ahampton. The power of the International Jews lie principally in their control of the worlds money supply except for that of a handful of countries. Which financial system is a complete fraud as we all know. Sooner or latter it is going to have to collapse precisely because it is one vast Ponzi Scheme. It is impossible at this point to say precisely when and how that is going to happen but someday it must. Once it finally begins to we can then begin to directly challenge them. Until then we must be preparing ourselves individually and collectively: Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually such as within the context of the Thule Society. Similar to how the original Thule Society was a philosophical forerunner of German National Socialism.

Heil Hitler!
Randall Hilburn

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