The King and I: The Trials and Tribulations of England’s King Edward III

King Edward Appreciated Adolf Hitler


Why did King Edward voluntarily give up his position as King of England in 1936 after holding the throne for around one year? In answer, King Edward of England knew that if he made the wrong moves while king, then he would end-up killed by Jewry as had many of his predecessors. Some of Edward’s honored predecessors who fell to the Jewish knife included Queen Mary and her two little boys, and of course, Princess Diana. These murdered British royals were executed at the pleasure of the Devil, who is also called Yahweh. True, the murders of a few British royals are sad, but the tragedy of having the lives of a few aristocrats cut short is rather pale in comparison to the deaths of untold millions who perished in Russia and Germany on account of Jewish scheming.

For quite a while, any of England’s monarchs who had the interests of the people at heart have been assassinated by Jewry, and this has happened in part because Jews control the central bank of this nation. Aside from having its central bank controlled by Jews, England’s monarchy has also failed its people in part because The Church of England is so corrupt.

The Church of England has been corrupt from the start because it was established by a syphilitic tyrant who was led by his personal carnal drives, and that corrupt monarch was none other than Henry VIII. In spite of its dishonorable founding, the long-standing corruption within The Church of England has persisted because Yahweh/Jehovah is the God of both Judaism and Judeo-Christianity. By contrast, positive Christianity considers the God who is worshipped by the Jews, The Church of England, and other Protestant sects to be Loki/The Devil. Gnostics also consider Yahweh to be the Demiurge.

The Demiurge is a being who claims to be The Creator of all, but this loathsome entity is lying. The Demiurge is in fact such a liar that this dark overlord has even convinced himself that he is actually The Creator and the One True God, which makes him the father of all Jews; namely, the Devil. If you have any questions about the true nature of the Demiurge, please read John 8:44 in the “Holy Bible.” Contrary to what most people believe, the book commonly called “The Holy Bible” was actually written by Yahweh and his helpers specifically to deceive “The Goyim.”

You see, many Jews have convinced themselves that they are “of their Father,” and this belief is actually quite true, except the father of all Jews is also the father of all pathological liars. Like their garbagey “Father,” Jews also believe their own lies, and both the Demiurge and his Jewish helpers are not even aware that they are lying. Like the Demiurge and all of his dark minions, this collection of pathological liars will always try to deceive everyone, but most of all, they endlessly delude themselves. Sadly, in the minds of pathological liars the process of simply wanting something to be true makes it real; however, such webs of lies can only be real in the inner worlds of these same eternal deceivers.

Many years ago, I had a close acquaintance who was a pathological liar. As one who serves Vishnu, I was deliberately placed in contact with this deranged liar in order to understand how to identify a pathological liar when I encounter one. For the sake of serving Vishnu with a good heart, I now understand why I had to acquaint myself with this terrible person.



Randall Lee Hilburn


Janice Boldt’s Commentary on King Edward

King Edward abdicated from the crown of England in 1936, and his status was downgraded from king to The Duke of Windsor. Edward was an interesting English king because he did not hold the title of king for very long and a divorced American socialite named Wallice Simpson was his betrothed. On account of being Edward’s wife, Simpson was eventually awarded the title of Duchess of Windsor. This fine Duke and Duchess were quite physically attractive and charming, so it is no surprise that they were sought-after guests in many elite households during the mid 1930s.

King Edward VIII's Financial Settlement: How Much Money Did He Get After  The Abdication? 

In 1937, the king and his betrothed visited Adolf Hitler at Berkteshgarten where they became mutually appreciative and fast friends. 


AP photo

The above photos shows King Edward III and his lovely American wife. 

The above photo shows Adolf Hitler, King Edward, and Wallis Simpson. Wallis Simpson was Edward’s American wife. 

The history books say that King Edward abdicated the throne in order to marry Simpson, but this is a lie. No, king Edward clearly understood that he had to abdicate the throne or else international Jewry would have assassinated him and his wife. The fake god of both Protestantism in general and more specifically Henry VII would have ordered Edward dead if he would have remained king because this false ‘god’ of Protestantism, is really the Jewish Devil named “Yahweh” who wants to eradicate everything that is good.

Instead of having a strong and righteous English king, during the war years Britain was shouldered with a prime minister named Winston Churchill who was a drunkard with a guilt complex over a mile long. Churchill’s guilt stemmed from many factors, not the least of which was his complicity in the mass murder of Boer women and children in South Africa back in the 1920s.

The Boar War hosted countless atrocities, among them was the practice of herding Boar women and children into huge outdoor cages, then proceeding to lock the gates, and finally just leaving the scene; this whole nasty business started around 1910. No doubt, the American “Gen. Eisenhower” copied this idea when he put German POWs behind locked gates to die en masse at end of WW2, and this whole nasty episode took place near the Rhine River Meadows. In the aftermath of World War II, the betrayed German soldiers who were foolish enough to surrender to the Allied forces were deliberately starved to death while also dying of exposure, just like the Boar women and children — apparently at the wishes of the “god” worshipped by Henry VII’s old church.

Heil Hitler deva!

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