The ADOLF HITLER Deva VS. The Moral Bankruptcy of the ZIO-AMERICAN EMPIRE

The ADOLF HITLER Deva VS. The Moral Bankruptcy of the ZIO-AMERICAN EMPIRE


Part One:

The Character of Adolf Hitler

Hitler was/is the next-to-last avatar/incarnation of the God Vishnu on planet Earth. His character is that of Vishnu and vise-versa. Hitler is the one who Conceives, Creates, and Sustains by applying Truth, Justice, and Love. Hitler is also The Bringer of Peace and Prosperity and the bestower of Enlightenment. Indeed, the great soul of Hitler sustains the Blood, Soil, and Spirit of Our Folk.

Our ancient ancestors thrived long ago, and we must do the same in our present day and age. We must thrive and prosper because we are the Aryan Nobility and we are also the great civilizers who are destined to lead the world into the next Golden Age, but perhaps not in our present bodies. Simply put, the sweetest fruits of Vishnu ripen on the spirit tree of Adolf Hitler’s deva. By contrast, the things that oppose Adolf Hitler are the spawn of The Devil and the minions of “The Destroyer”.

Part Two:

The Character of the Zio-American Empire

(a) Situational Ethics and The Morality of Self-Interest

For starters, the Western Ruling Class is far too greedy and cowardly to seriously stand up to the power of the Evil Zionist Empire.

The morality of The Zionist Empire is also called the morality of self-interest. The morality of self-interest is in a constant state of flux, and the ethical foundation of Zionists changes from minute to minute. The Zionists have a sick excuse for a system of values, and their foul rational for action is also called Situation Ethics. Under the auspices of Situational Ethics, morality is not an absolute standard that provides a reference for living rightously, but rather, people who live their lives by the dictates of Situational Ethics simply do what is expedient for their personal interest at a given time. In other word, practicing Situational ethics means simply doing what is convenient at a given place under a particular set of circumstances. As you can see, applying the term “Situational Ethics’ is just another way of saying that are no morals or ethics.

(b) The Fraud of the American “Justice” System

In a Zionist-controlled empire, a set of ever-changing technicalities that masquerade as laws are the governing principle — not truth and justice. It has been said that Judaism is really not a religion, but a debate club, and hair-splitting over technicalities is the Jewish way. Moreover, obsessing over technicalities reflects the Jewish excuse for morality that flows from the Talmud. A Zionist legal system is like the Talmud because both rabbis and lawyers compete by arguing over technicalities. Under a system of Zionist control, those who argue best win, and those who do not argue will enough inevitably lose — justice and truth be damned!

(c) A House Divided Against Itself

Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided cannot stand.” Conversely, a Zionist government always creates a divided house; however, having a divided house actually works to our advantage because it prevents The Enemy from consolidating control. Paradoxically, in the American Corporate World, powerful people are staunch allies in the public world and bitter enemies in the personal sphere. People can be close associates and bitter enemies in the corporate world because every relationship in this environment is solely based on mutual interest.

In a Zionist world, people only band together to obtain whatever will benefit them personally. For example, in a corporate setting, people might work together if a collective effort is needed, or they might cooperate for a while if a strong enemy must be defeated. However, in such an environment, each person will still be preparing to stab everybody else in the back once a mutual enemy is defeated or after a communal task has been accomplished. In a world where each person feels that they must be paramount, it is easy to see why divorce and dysfunctional families are so prevalent. The mindset where every person is trying to be paramount can also be seen in the workplace, and unfortunately, this same mindset has also dominated the world’s geo-politics for a long time.

(d) The Spirit of the Ax Age/Kali Yuga

It has always been deeply fascinating to me that the prophecies concerning our present age, which originated from both the Vikings and the Ancient Indian Sages, closely resemble each other. Whether from India or Scandinavia, if you have read one set of prophesies, then you have pretty much read the other.

From India:
At the end of the Kali Yuga mankind will become so depraved that the slightest irritation becomes the cause for the most violent conflict.

From the Vikings:
On the eve of Ragnarok, people will have become so self-centered that no relationship of whatever sort will last for long; this will enable Loki and his forces of darkness to overwhelm Midgard. This is our bane; this is our blessing. We must guard against the spirit of the age in our minds and hearts; this spirit will also affect our enemies.

Part Three

Who Is Responsible

This part is short and sweet:
“Dig deep enough into any problem and there you will find at least one Jew in a prominent position.” – Adolf Hitler.

When seeking to understand the Kali Yuga, just look at who sets the current tone for the world in which we live. For example, things were nowhere near as bad in the late 50’s and early 60’s when I began my current stint in Midgard. Enlightened people of my age and older lived through the social revolution of the 60’s, and we saw first-hand who instigated this social revolution; we also saw who drove it forward.

After the assassination of President Kennedy, the Jews were presented with a clear field where they could run towards the end zone without opposition — everybody reading this knows that. Aside from the sordid lineup of Jewish conspirators, the last five decades have also been dominated by corporatist accomplices who are in on this nastiness as well. Some people do not know this, but Corporatism and Judaism are actually interwoven isms. Communism and Capitalism are also interwoven isms that reflect two sides of the same counterfeit Jewish coin called Materialism.

Heil the Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

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