A Brief Study in Jewish Pettiness

Adolf Hitler was truly delighted when Berlin was chosen to host the 1936 Olympics. Hitler was delighted at the prospect of hosting an Olympics because he envisioned the upcoming events as golden opportunity to showcase a strong and confident German nation that was reborn under National Socialism. Luckily, when Germany got the nod for hosting the 1936 Olympics, both Hitler and Speer had already been talking about remaking Berlin, so hosting the Olympic games provided the German leadership with a suburb reason to transform their architectural visions into 3D renderings. The Olympic Village was selected as the first major construction project to be completed in the process of remaking of Berlin because Hitler was a big believer in the Olympic Spirit, even if this spirit was frequently not lived up to.

Although the International Olympic Committee will never publicly acknowledge it, the Olympic Flag was actually created by the NSDAP specifically for the Berlin Olympics. Hitler himself did not design the famous Olympic logo, yet he was delighted to endorse this symbol after the design presented to him.

Most people have no idea that this is the case, but the iconic Olympic flag partially reflects the NSDAP’s racial ideas. For example, the rings on the Olympic flag represent the Four Races of Men: Red, Yellow, Black, and Blue (for Whites). Moreover, the designers of the Olympic banner also wanted the flag’s white background to represent pace. The Olympic flag is meant to symbolize the concept of all of the races of men coming together to engage in friendly, respectful, and peaceful athletic competition.

When the 1936 Olympics started, Jesse Owens had already established a worldwide reputation for athletic greatness, including in Germany. Likewise, a branch of Himmler’s SS was responsible for training the 3rd Reich’s Olympic Team, and the best SS Athletes were looking forward to proving themselves against Jesse Owens. Owens certainly knew he was in for some tough competition from the superbly trained and fantastically talented German athletes, so the Berlin Olympics promised to be a captivating show that would pit the best against the best. Who would win? The world held its breath.

Himmler held a private meeting with the German Chancellor before the commencement of the Olympics, and in this meeting Himmler informed his boss that Germany’s star athletes stood a good chance of very publicly losing to Jessie Owens on the running track. However, despite the prospect of having his best athletes get publicly humiliated by Owens, Hitler’s position was, “We’ll have to take that chance.” Regardless of what has been peddled in the false narratives conjured by Jewish propagandists, it must never be said that the 3rd Reich was afraid of permitting fair competition at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

Dig deep enough into any problem and there you will find at least one Jew in a prominent position.” – Adolf Hitler.

Despite Hitler’s commitment to ensure a level playing field during the upcoming Olympic games, the self-styled Chosen Ones were planning to alter the outcomes to suit their interests. Due to the peculiarities of how judges were chosen for the Olympics, Jews were able to appoint most of the people who would officiate the events where Owens was scheduled to compete. The process of loading the dice in favor of Jessie Owens was done without Owen’s approval or knowledge. The Jews never let Owens know that the deck had been stacked in his favor because he was far too great of an athlete and he was entirely too honest to ever agree with what the hand-rubbers were plotting.

The dirty Jewish plan to sabotage the Olympics involved selecting American judges would come up with a reason to preemptively disqualify any German athlete that they thought could beat Owens. Besides just planning to disqualify any German athlete who could potentially defeat Owens, the crooked American judges also intended to find a reason to disqualify any victorious German athlete after the events were finished. In light of learning about the rat’s nest of crooked Jewish-selected judges, Hitler made the decision that no German athletes would compete against Owens in that Olympics — and none did.

In the years after the 1936 Olympics, there are two conflicting lies told by the Jews and their sympathizers about why Hitler made the decision to forbit his athletes from competing against Owens. One commonly peddled reason for Hitler’s decision to opt-out of pitting his best athletes against Owens is the idea that Hitler was afraid his Aryan Supermen would be humiliated by an American Negro. The other reason proffered is that Germany’s best athletes did in fact compete against Owens, and Owens had already humiliated all of them. Sadly, the Jews have managed to successfully pass-off both of these bogus rationales for Hitler withdrawing his athletes from competing against Owens for entirely too long.

With the best German athletes out of the picture, Owens was allowed to win his medals honestly. Apart from the events won by Owens, the 3rd Reich dominated all of the other events in that Olympics, and National Socialist Germany won the vast bulk of all the medals awarded in those games.

Although he is never quoted by The Tribe for obvious reasons, in his later years, Jesse Owens actually talked quite a bit about his experiences at the 1936 Olympics and his meeting with Hitler. Owens noted that after he crossed the finish line in one world-record-breaking race, he looked up into the stands towards where Hitler was watching and saw Hitler smiling and waving at him. Hitler also personally met with every athlete who had won a Gold Medal, including Owens.

When describing his meeting with Hitler, Owens made it clear that Hitler was actually quite friendly, respectful, and gentlemanly. Contrary to what the Jews would have you believe, Hitler was really the polar opposite of what Owens had been led to expect. Owens recounts that when he came face to face with the German Chancellor, Hitler wore a beaming smile as he shook his hand during the meeting. Owens also made it clear that during his stay in Berlin, he was always treated with the utmost courtesy by Germans other than Hitler, including NSDAP Party Members and regular citizens alike.


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