“Four Noble Truths” Commentary, by Brian Ruhe

November 30, 2019

This is a follow up to my two page statement, posted just before this one:

4 top priorities for the world

These are my “four noble truths” outlining the top priorities for humanity.

1) The truth about UFOs and aliens: Get the exotic technology to the rest of humanity.

2) The truth about the globalist international bankers: Topple this strangulating parasite from the Earth.

3) The truth about Adolf Hitler: The world should admit that we were wrong about Hitler, make reparations to the German people and learn from Hitler’s wholesome example.

4) The truth about ancient advanced global civilizations: Give us our true history to illuminate our culture and give us advances in technology discovered from this.

All beings are governed by the law of karma. The world seems to be run by human beings but this world is run by aliens. If people have good karma we can have a positive effect on the world, on our future and how the world is governed. So people do have the power to run their own affairs, to a limited extent. There is a seamless blurring of the lines between alien and human control over humanity. This is important. Some humans have higher intelligence and virtue than some aliens and devas. Some human beings have higher superhuman psychic powers than some aliens and devas do, such as Maha Moggallana. Because of the law of karma some humans take rebirth as aliens with power over us and some aliens take rebirth as powerless people.

Douglas Roche was Canada’s former ambassador to the United Nations and in a private conversation with me in 1989 he asked me about UFOs. He said, “What are they doing up there? Why don’t they help us?! The world has so many problems. Why don’t they do something?!”

Because I am a Buddhist I believe the answer is that the human realm is one where the karma of 7.5 billion people plays itself out in the theatre of good and evil. Throughout history, the higher realm devas and aliens don’t descend and take care of our problems for us with a cosmic welfare program. We’re stuck here. We have to each individually work with our own karma. That, therefore, is the answer, why the UFOs don’t make their mass landing.

This world is run by aliens and human beings in a hierarchical relationship with humans at the bottom. I do believe that aliens, such as reptilians, are in fact running human affairs through the Rothschilds and Jewish power. My interpretation is that certainly they are 100% subject to the law of karma as well. As much as they would like to wipe away most human beings and take over the world, they are stuck with the same karmic equation stated above. Maybe their karma or ancient alien treaties prevents them from openly showing themselves widely?

Maybe I’m wrong. I do believe there has been a human/alien hybrid program in place since at least the 1880s but to address our situation right now, the world has generally been dominated by conflicting groups of people. At least, that is the impression people have. In everyday terms, this world is being run by people even if it isn’t.

Hierarchical Structures

Equality is a lie promoted for the purpose of undermining the most peaceful and wisest communities. 1917 Russia, “Workers of the world unite!” Not only the human realm but even the animal realm is hierarchical. A pack of gorillas, a family, a business, a community, the military- all groups of people fall into a natural or some other form of hierarchy. This is good.

Let’s talk about the real problem. Big problems are regularly happening when some people challenge the existing hierarchy. Hierarchy is good and should be respected. If it isn’t respected, a wise hierarchy uses force to protect itself. A foolish hierarchy cucks itself out like white people meekly going along with more and more non white immigration into their own countries. The Buddha was in favour of using force to protect the hierarchy of society, of extended family, community, religion and government. However, sometimes hierarchy needs to be challenged when leaders get old and develop poor judgment or get irrational. There is no clear easy answer to human affairs, according to the Buddha. This world is basically insane.

We can control our own actions with what we do and say. I have been pushed out of working groups before so I know what that feels like. Most people have had this experience. I was amused when I read Paññobhāsa Mahathera’s description of me as “lord and master of the Brian Ruhe Show” (http://politicallyincorrectdharma.blogspot.com/2019/10/my-friend-brian-ruhe.html). I don’t regard myself that way. I think of myself as struggling to maintain sovereignty over my own internet talk show while well meaning friends and associates want me to do a show on topics that are low priorities for me. I know that as I continue to do more interviews, related to my four noble truths, I will lose some friends and supporters. I am thankful for their support but I must remain true to my goals for The Brian Ruhe Show. As the show evolves, people will leave on their own accord when they realize their needs are no longer in sync with mine. But, I know others will come forward to provide guidance and support.

I’m getting at something here. Adolf Hitler had to struggle against challenges for the leadership of his party, from within. He was a highly competent leader, speaker, organizer and intellect who made brilliantly insightful, correct decisions. If HE had problems holding his seat, what about nice, polite, indecisive Brian Ruhe? Sometimes I feel like I could be toppled by a gust of wind. The point I am making is getting back to natural hierarchy, as the Buddha described it. I am at the top of the human part of the hierarchy of The Brian Ruhe Show. I’m too modest to use the words, “lord and master” but I have to clearly tell the world that I am the sole leader of my own life and my own show. I have sovereignty. I am the sovereign.

Maybe this is too much information for this essay but since there is no self in Buddhism, I believe that I get ideas from devas. But they don’t have a self either so what is happening is that thoughts are moving around from one body and mind to another. This happens to everyone, everyday.

Also, I make consultative decisions. I do listen to all kinds of advice but I am sometimes surprised to realize that I am all alone deciding on the big decisions of what is the wisest direction to take. Not just for myself, but for the planet. In the sense that everyone has the right to free speech, each of us has the right to say what we think is best for the whole planet. Greta Thunberg does. For example, one of my wise advisors said, “I don’t think UFOs are important. I think it’s more important for people to work on themselves and do something to free their own mind”. What is chilling to me about this is that people do have to work on themselves, yes but these are two completely different things. UFOs and aliens are the highest power in our political world and the Jewish establishment and the aliens are suppressing this paramount truth from 7.5 billion people. That’s a lot more important so I have to keep my own counsel and I have decided all by myself, with the help of these thoughts in this essay which dropped into my head, that the “four noble truths” I have published are my top priority. I believe this should be the top priority for everybody. If you’re not here for the truth then you’re taking up too much oxygen directing people to your stuff. Act in good faith or have bad karma.

The Protocols of Zion wisely clarify that appealing to the base instincts of the masses with irrational emotion can turn them against the most wholesome leader who truly has their interests at heart, who would be the finest political leader for them. Therefore, the methods I have been using for 60 years haven’t been very successful and likely won’t be for the rest of my life. This is because I am sane and I choose to write and speak rationally using logic, evidence and reason to provide people with the highest truths. History shows that my method is bound to fail but I will continue to do so anyhow. Why? Three reasons.

1) I don’t know what else to do.

2) I get to say, “I told you so.” lol

3) I will have good karma for doing at least some good.

If everyone collapses before the logic, reason and evidence provided by these four noble truths then, by default, they are the paramount answers to our existential questions. This goes all the way to the top of the world with 7.5 billion people. President Vladimir Putin said, “Politics has no room for emotion”. This is a wise and shocking statement because we associate politics with the strongest of emotions. I have tremendous respect for such a statement but international political action is not conducted by logic and reason. Like “The Fog of War” it is initiated by irrational emotions and brute force. Therefore, the Buddha’s wisdom prevails. This world is basically insane.

No one can put forth anything that is more important than these four noble truths. I have chosen to leave religion out of the four because billions of people will say that their religion has the highest answers. That leads to divisiveness. No one can defeat my hypothesis in an intelligent argument. These are the absolute top priorities for each and every single human being on earth. These truths lead us to look at what is the very nature of reality. “What is the nature of reality?”. What is truth? What is dhamma? This is what I am trying to answer on the 27 playlists on the Brian Ruhe Bitchute channel and my two websites. Countless people are trying to answer and express such profound truths.

The Buddha defined full and complete enlightenment as “seeing things as they really are”. That means knowing the true nature of reality. A fully enlightened Buddha would know the four noble truths, including this new spin on four noble truths. I am not enlightened. I could be wrong but logically I should proceed with my current best hypothesis. Hopefully someone can add more wisdom and evidence to what I have concluded but that would just be another consultative decision to deal with and absorb into the unfolding truth. I am sovereign. I am sovereign but with zero power over others. Each of us is sovereign over our own life and our own actions and words but some don’t know this.

Be sovereign.


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One thought on ““Four Noble Truths” Commentary, by Brian Ruhe

  • December 10, 2019 at 9:26 am

    Subject: Re: 4 top priorities for the world
    Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2019 11:00:55 -0600
    Reply-To: ThuleSociety@theravada.ca
    To: ThuleSociety@theravada.ca

    We are frequently accused of worshipping the Creation rather than the Creator. To which I reply, “To us they are the same thing.” We believe in an Immanent as opposed to a Transcendent “God”. A Creator who manifests as The Creation as opposed to one who stands outside and creates it. There are innumerable levels to the Creator/Universe which are both one and the same thing. Many deities at the same time there is a supreme one. Everything natural possesses Spirit, is Sentient, and contains something of the Divine, from the mere fact that it exists in this Universe.

    The International Jew has left their natural state as part of The Universe and have become a Parasite instead. Feeding off of the lifeblood of others while contributing nothing in return. The race of the I.J. has become the Actual Race Of Vampires. The rest of us are just the subhuman cattle, to them, that they feed upon.

    If one studies the Jews at the time of their wars with the Romans, one very quickly recognizes that they were exactly the same then as they are now. Already way before the whole Khazarian Episode.

    Heil Hitler deva!

    On Mon, Dec 9, 2019 at 6:29 PM Brendan B wrote:

    I have researched on the Talmud and listened to A Rabbai speak of their ancient dislike of Paganism and how they describe the Pagans as “dogs” and “beasts”. Perhaps this would explain further , the ancient plight between the Nordic/Germanic peoples and the Jews. The Jew speaks of their dislike of the Pagans additionally by describing them as people that worship that of the stars and not of a GOD. As sub-human.

    On Sun, Dec 1, 2019, 9:27 AM Oshara wrote:


    I love your work.
    Your vision is excellent.
    I take to heart everything you said.
    So well presented and outlined.

    I especially appreciate what you say of “right view” and “invisible protection” and our instinct to pursue truth, etc.

    Did any of your awareness come from the book I gave you – Seth Speaks, especially chapter 15?
    He uses the term “Chosen People” on page 217. The whole chapter explains the Hebrews as a lineage of beings that were genetic hybrids. There was a race that came from elsewhere (innately violent, but later surgically self-modified) who bred with an early version of humans, then later bred with animals. Then evolved into what we’re dealing with today. The original aliens eventually went on to live underground and called themselves “Lumanians”. The last paragraph of the chapter states “as their cities still coexist in land areas now called your own…” As one reads this chapter through the eyes of “Jew Awareness” and “Alien Research” (keeping in mind it’s more about multi-dimensionality) a picture starts to emerge. Page 406 he elaborates on earth history and points to “a race from another star” and that whole section follows the trail.

    This was the mind blower. Then in “Unknown Reality” He says that it was “the Hebrew Gods” which brought down the Roman Empire. Seth’s book “Nature of Personal Reality” is Seth’s masterwork of self-empowerment which I highly recommend after “Seth Speaks”.

    There is a search engine – http://www.FindingSeth.com – that is very useful. Plug in “Hebrew”, etc.
    He carefully sprinkles bits of history throughout the books. Unless you know what to look for it can be missed. I look, I find. This is how Seth got the info out there. I think a lot of Seth’s info was squelched, but what is there is findable and informative.

    Have you been looking into the research of “New Earth Lady” – Sylvie Ivanovich – on our true ancient history. “Star Forts” and megaliths all over the world are the remnants of our ancestors.

    You are doing great service for humanity. You are spreading truthful information and connecting with other people who are part of this soul awakening. I’m having a lot of channeling happening for me. This is where I also hope to give myself to service. I trust you are in good spirits and the universe nourishes your life essence and inner direction. Higher being are lovingly guiding you always.



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