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Nov. 30, 2019

Hello Thule Society,

I and my volunteers and followers have had a good time and good results on The Brian Ruhe Show. Looking back,

– I have bonds and connections with many special guests such as Dr. David Duke, Dr. E. Michael Jones, Venerable Paññobhāsa, Kerry Cassidy, Brien Forester, Richard Dolan, Dennis Wise, Mary Rodwell, Dr. Jim Fetzer, Paul Fromm, Pete Papaherackles and more, on 27 playlists with 1850 videos.

-More In the Street videos and dramatic encounters with real life as it is.

-Talking outside the Overton window to promote profound ideas and more freedom of speech.

– A forward looking view on raising awareness about the most vital matters.

What I hope to accomplish in 2020 and beyond is:

Focus on the big things, not the little things.

Have a wish list posted on my website.

If we had ten million dollars what would we do?

Hire staff.

Have high quality video production.

Have three interviews a day, more or less.

Focus the show on these top four priorities, which are about taking action.

1) The truth about UFOs and aliens: Get the exotic technology to the rest of humanity.

2) The truth about the globalist international bankers: Topple this strangulating parasite from the Earth.

3) The truth about Adolf Hitler: The world should admit that we were wrong about Hitler, make reparations to the German people and learn from Hitler’s wholesome example.

4) The truth about ancient advanced global civilizations: Give us our true history to illuminate our culture and give us advances in technology discovered from this.


These are my “four noble truths” that would benefit all humanity.

Above these four we need to use higher realm powers to nurture and protect this. It helps you just to know the truth even if there’s not much we can do about it. You are protected by what the Buddha called “right view” – the beginning of His eightfold path. This establishes your ground and energy in truth so it’s kind of an invisible protection that better enables you to stay out of trouble and not waste your sincere efforts by contributing to things that actually undermine society. Humans are constituted to pursue truth but we are constantly being misled.

Emphasize or build up the buzz that this show really is the highest truth show in Canada. Challenge anyone to prove it isn’t, as I have already done. This video is from my first challenger: Neurologist Dr. Edward Spencer says “UFOs are Real”

Set up the conditions and infrastructure to develop the show.

Write out this visualization of an ideal future, an ideal working environment. It could help to attract one or more big donors.



The Pindar is the CEO of the New World Order and his agenda is enslavement. The opposite of the Pindar doesn’t exist as a person, as a leader but as a movement our agenda is freedom from this enslavement.

My videos, past and in the future, will provide evidence that these are the highest truths needed for the liberation of humanity. This is a team effort.

Get a group of speakers together to focus on these four. Express a big vision and attract the best people. Attract donations and big talent. My job is to originate this as Gene Roddenberry originated Star Trek. I can manage it and I can get help managing it, as Gene did.

Next step?

Write it out. Post it. Get feedback. Adapt and persist. I have followed up on this two page email with a three page post on my Blog at:


On a lighter note, I went to LA for nine days with a friend and his wife. He is Mr. 31 and we focused on the social engineering that Hollywood has accomplished on humanity for a century. The playlist of videos is on my YouTube channel at


Bitchute is slow to upload so that will come later. Here is a video of us seeing Joni Mitchell’s house where Graham Nash wrote the famous song, “Our House” (is a very, very, very fine house).

Exposé and Analysis Part 18 – Joni Mitchell’s “Our House” Inspired the Song


There’s still many more videos to load from this exciting trip. Volunteers to edit or donations to build up the show are always gratefully appreciated.


Heil Hitler deva!

Brian Ruhe

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