An Alliance Is Proposed (First Part), by Randall Hilburn

An Alliance Is Proposed (First Part)

There are essentially three ways to look at this world on a supernatural level. As a place to exploit. As a place to escape. Or as a place to restore.

There is no intrinsic basis for a conflict between the second and third, as long as the second doesn’t try to trash the place in the process of escaping.

International Jewry and its Siamese Twin of Corporatism represent the first on its most developed level.

The first and third are blood and existential enemies of each other.

The first interferes with what the second is trying to do.

Making the second and third tentative allies.

My Spirit hails from Alfhiem, the realm of the Light Elves, Faeries, and Nature Spirits.

The health of Alfhiem is dependent on the health of Midgard. Therefore we come to restore balance, in nature and amongst mankind. We are the Daimones. Declared Demons and made into something Evil after we refused to start taking orders from Yahweh/Jehovah the God of the first group. We refused to repent because we had not sinned in being what we were.

He is an IMPOSTOR and we called his bluff.

We do not attack the True Christianity which Our Fuehrer and the NSDAP talked about. Which is in no way incompatible with what we are. What we attack is the counterfeit that has been bloodily and deceptively put in its place.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Hilburn/F.G.


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One thought on “An Alliance Is Proposed (First Part), by Randall Hilburn

  • January 26, 2020 at 3:04 am

    From childhood I have had an attraction to the Third Reich and my Aryan identity. Along side that I was studying (masters level) Reformed theology and what I understand to be true Christianity. Thank you for helping me explore facets of comprehension and awareness of depth in what lays ahead.


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