“No Commissars!” by Randall Hilburn

An interesting story was told by a Regular German Army Captain who commanded an infantry company in one of the German infantry divisions involved in the Siege Of Leningrad. They were on the outer side of the envelopment facing the Russians who were trying to break threw to relieve the besieged city. The incident happened during the summer.

The Germans were at the treeline of a heavily conifer wooded area facing the Russians in a similar treeline. Between them was a large comparatively open area with very sandy soil and covered with numerous clumps of high grass. As well as numerous individual trees.

They spent several hours one day trying to drive each other from their respective positions and chasing each other back and forth across the comparatively open area in between. This left numerous German and Russian wounded scattered and intermingled with each other all over the “clearing”. It was hot and dry and the wounded were crying out and suffering terribly. There was no way to safely reach them.

Suddenly there was a halt in the Russian shooting, and he saw a white flag appear on the Russian side. Though he obviously suspected a trick, he ordered his men to cease firing. He hoped, but didn’t really believe they wanted to surrender. So he waved a white flag in return having decided to take the risk. Anything to stop the butchery. He saw a Russian officer carrying the flag walk out into the clearing and carrying his flag he walked out to meet him. They met in the middle. The Russian turned out to be a young lieutenant who spoke good German. He said. “My commanding officer proposes a truce so that the wounded can be cleared away. Yes Or No?!” He was extremely suspicious, as he knew this sort of thing on rare occasions happened in the west fighting the British and Americans but never on the Eastern Front.” When he started to ask questions the Russian sternly repeated himself. “Yes Or No?!” He could hear the cries of his wounded men ringing in his ears and he decided to take a chance. “Yes.”

They then turned and walked back to their respective positions.

He sent word to a nearby medical unit to send up ambulances and personnel and start clearing away the wounded. As they started their work he could see the Russians were doing the same. The medical corpsmen and ambulances from the two armies were all intermingled taking care of their respective wounded. He stood watching with open mouthed astonishment, still thinking to himself, “This doesn’t happen with the Russians.”

He finally noticed what looked like a senior Russian Medical Officer/Doctor who seemed to be supervising them. He walked over to him and asked if he could speak German. “Yes.” Then he asked him what was going on. He turned to look at him with a most stern and impassive look on his face. He made a sweeping gesture with his extended right arm all around the clearing and then answered him firmly. “No Commissars!”

According to Russian sources 95% of all Commissars were Jews. They were all but unknown among the actual combat troops of the Red Army. (Remember what A.H said about them on the Western Front in Mein Kampf.) They operated totally outside the normal chain of command of the Red Army and even though they had no real military training they could give orders at any time to the regular officers who had to obey or have themselves and their families face the consequences. Of course most officers willingly went along as yes men for the Commissars, but a great many did not. The really competent and professional officers counted themselves exceedingly lucky if they didn’t have to deal with Commissars in their units. These tended to be in the best frontline (Red Guard) divisions that saw the bulk of the worst combat. The Commissars were not generally noted for their willingness to put themselves in danger. One therefore sees the reason why in Germany and Hungary late in the war the first Russians very frequently tended to be relatively well behaved while the later waves with the Commissars committed the vast bulk of the atrocities. (The Asiatic peoples they mostly represented had themselves actually already been greatly brutalized by the Bolsheviks before the war.) This also was one of the main reasons why the Russians suffered such horrendous casualties in mass and human wave attacks on the Germans and their allies. The orders ultimately came from the Commissars as a general rule. Who couldn’t care less how many Russians were killed just as long as they killed as many Germans as possible.

The horrendous Russian casualties and atrocities resulted in the Red Army generals who had come up in this strongly encouraging and supporting Stalin when he abolished the Commissar system from the Red Army and started to remove Jews from positions of major influence within the USSR after the war. That is the main reason for the sudden influx of Russian Jews into Israel at the time. That is also why the Soviet Military tended to be so supportive of the Arabs during their wars with Israel. Also one of the major reasons why Israel was so afraid of provoking the USSR. Also again one reason why the Jews were determined to have one of their own Oligarchs, Putin, take control of the Russian Federation.

Many in the current Russian military, as opposed to those in government around and including Putin, have no love for Israel. Especially as they have been responsible for getting so many Russians killed. I had a couple of members of the present Russian Army who had or were serving in Syria tell me and some others on the internet that if it weren’t for Putin holding them back. “You other people wouldn’t have to worry about what to do about Israel. We would look forward to taking care of them ourselves.”

Heil Hitler deva!

Your NS Brother Randall

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