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Dear President Brian,

All of us must do our own research and not take anybody’s word for anything. One’s source may have their own personal agenda that runs counter to true National Socialism, or they are sincerely ignorant, misled, or mistaken. This is over and beyond the danger we face from avowed or Crypto-Jews and from their shills. The Fuehrer had no interest in having yes-men as followers. He only wanted those who thought for themselves and agreed with (the Holy Word) him. We must learn to research the researchers. We must focus on primary sources, preferably Adolf Hitler himself  as much as possible, or whichever other NS or Axis leader we are looking into. I have noticed that there are numerous false quotes attributed to Hitler and others. Some were coerced  from people by torture or the threat of it. Verify before completely accepting anything. Without verification all we can do is tentatively accept something. I bring all of  this up for really one reason only, so we can be better Thule Society members and thus better followers of Adolf Hitler deva.

A problem many people have with Hitler deva is that they do not pay attention to what he himself said and said he meant. They merely pay attention to what others say he said and meant. We know who those others are. Those who lie about what our beloved Adolf Hitler deva said. How my eyes were opened in this life and I began to first think for myself and to remember came about in an epiphany on a single day, years back.

I had been hearing people going on and on about how he was the most evil man that has ever lived. You know, the usual rot. It may be difficult to explain but I have come to have a rather low opinion of human group intelligence. Part of it comes from having to help deal with putting down a riot while I was in the Navy. I’ve had to deal with mob mentality head on and first hand.  This daily talk began to look like the same thing to me. Nobody was thinking for themselves and everybody was just parroting what others were saying. From personal experience I had learned that when a crowd makes a decision it invariably turns out to be the wrong one. So I became very suspicious over the perceived wisdom of the mass acceptance. I had also begun to notice from where they were receiving their ‘wisdom’ . I had already learned the hard way, that they weren’t people to be trusted. They were busy whipping up mob mentality and I could see it:  In an instant a couple of things became clear. First that I was dealing with a mob mentality. Second, I already knew from other things that the ones responsible for it were a pack of liars. I thought to myself at that moment literally. “I’ve seen these people lie about so many things, just maybe they are lying about Adolf Hitler as well.”  So at that instant in time I made a decision. I would do my own research and find out what he actually said, wrote about and what he thought. Making a long story short, And Here I Am!

Adolf Hitler deva defined intelligence as the ability to engage in independent analytical reasoning. That’s what the problem is. Mentally lazy people are not doing their own research. They are just engaging in group-think that has been programmed by a pack of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Though the numbers are yet quite small, steadily increasing numbers are beginning to see this world system for the lie that it is and are beginning to ask questions, including about The Great One, our Adolf Hitler deva. When this whole rotten economic structure finally comes crashing down on them we may yet be surprised by the numbers that will join us. We are just part of the vanguard, so to speak, I’m beginning to suspect.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Hilburn

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