National Socialism – The Politicization of Nature, by Loki Hulgaard

National Socialism –The politicization of nature

by Loki Hulgaard

Carrying the concrete organic into the abstract artificial such that the latter harmonizes with the former and yet elevates (to the extent this can be done) evolutionarily the kingdom of nature into the sphere of the human and the human into that of the superhuman through preservation of an authentic life living in accordance with nature.


The architecture of the state (of human ingenuity and contrivance) seeks correspondence with that of nature in accordance with natural law and constitutes an entelechia, a self-propelling wheel which receives impulse from within (the human) and without (the natural), like a free energy device driven through electromagnetism.


Thereby destiny is attained through the denizens working harmoniously within the natural environment to develop themselves spiritually and materially through their own faculties utilizing the materials they had organically developed themselves along with through their personal histories which partake of a collective history and destiny, the collective consciousness of the racial group within a territory specific to it and in harmonious resonance therewith (be it South Africa, Australia, or Iceland and all points in between).


As a side note: the white man can adapt to all areas of the earth given his biological suitability to all environments but all other races suffer dis-ease states once they leave the borders of their own ancestral terrain. National Socialism simply means a distinct racial group preserving and furthering their identity through socialistic means, a political formation which ensures that the community works holistically and is self- supportive through a system of rights and duties for the sake of the greater good of the racial nation not whichever individual can get the most (liberal democracy) or the redistribution of wealth from productive to unproductive people (communism).


A limited degree of commercial and individual freedom in service to the collective which implies duty and right for the individual who is a member of the collective. The environment (natural) is served as an organic part of the organism of the state and its health is bound up with that of the collective who derive their sustenance from the soil.


Given that the existence of those two conceptually and only to some extent [meta]physically distinct beings (the humans and the environment) are existentially bound together, they either harmonize in self-supportive praxis or fragment and clash in relations of exploitation and the inevitable crumbling of the artificial architecture into ruins amongst the mightier force of nature.


Thus harmony with the external environment is a necessity to preserve and enhance one’s own kind and the artificial means through which this is attained is the only political creed which upholds natural law namely national socialism/fascism. In contrast to this naturalistic creed which adheres to the laws of nature, exists its contemporary antithesis the liberal/socialist/communist state (leftist for short).


Leftism is anti-nature, is a violation and transgression of natural law positing the arbitrary caprice of human ingenuity and intellect over and above the natural order for the purpose of ascension beyond the material plane towards the immaterial ‘spiritual plane’ which is of course immediately perverse as spirit and matter are one and the two are not contraries merely different states of vibration of energy fields.


This fundamental error of judgement/praxis, namely that ‘humanity’ can

ascend beyond ‘the veil of law’ of materiality is the basis of leftism’s anti-natural stance which as a consequence builds its cloud cuckoo-land architecture in the graven images of concrete and asbestos creating a Judeo-Freemasonic architecture doomed to fall under its own structural unsoundness.


Those true believers in this creed live lives in a purely intellectual mental space wherein they lack the healthy instincts to understand how to live in a harmonious manner with the earth as they in their world of barren abstractions (mental abortions of numbers and ideas) believe themselves separable from the organic bases of life of life having no authentic self-understanding.


From thence they enable the flooding of society with foreign races on the abstract basis of numbers (money) and the ideology of ‘individualism’ or ‘secular humanism’ which engenders the ‘multicultural society’, an anti-society comprised of heterogeneous elements, a euphemism for ‘multiracial’ which the creed of humanism denies and which therefore doesn’t exist in the minds of the overly intellectualized bourgeoisie (the self-interested converts to this anti-natural creed). Those purveyors of this creed are themselves anti-natural as an anti-race, a hybrid from the middle east, the Jews.


That no hereditary relationship with the land ever existed in the Jew given that he had no blood and therefore no soil could ever stabilize and fix his instable inner chaos (his fate was to wander around and buy and sell as a means of subsistence. This mercantile philosophy took on the form of modern-day leftism/liberalism under the Jew and ultimately reduces to communism through the most cunning and well-connected merchant and his organization (read ‘mafia’) taking the power of government into their own hands and becoming instead of usurers and loan sharks, commissars who hold absolute sway over the populace, enabled by the complacent and self-interested bourgeoisie whose personal profit superseded tribal loyalty.


Leftism is a creed in violation of natural law as in essence it seeks to overcome and exploit nature both in terms of the identity of peoples (races) and the health of the natural environment through its technocratic destruction of the natural world. Leftism is the antithesis of National Socialism.

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2 thoughts on “National Socialism – The Politicization of Nature, by Loki Hulgaard

  • November 7, 2019 at 1:51 am

    Funny how the leftists appear to be the only ones interested in protecting nature. The righties in ‘merica seem to want to blow it up.
    It’s a crazy world out there.

    • November 7, 2019 at 2:40 am

      As I understand it, in National Soliolist Germany only the SS soldiers were required to practice racial purity and that was not and writen requirment, but if you were interested in career advancement you made babies with a white woman. That was about 300,000 (+ wives and children) people out of about 65 million German citizens in the 1930s. You could speculate that at least half of the people just naturally practice racial purity.
      I think it is the best interest of all races to have a certain percentage of people practicing racial purity. Is that percentage 50/50? 75/25?, 25/75?
      If it were against Natural Law, would it even be possible or people of different races to make babies.
      I went mgtow before it was cool and after being drug through the feminist family court system in the US, I am not sure it is safe for men to impregnate women in this society and consider it an act of sacrifice for males to do so.


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