4th letter to lord Jacob Rothschild

“Higher Realm Powers” section of Thule Society website is missing.

lord Jacob Rothschild                         Oct. 20, 2019

The Rothschild Foundation
The Dairy
Queen Street
HP18 0JW

lord Jacob,

The “Higher Realm Powers” section of our http://thulesociety.com website has gone missing. Someone took it down. Before speaking to any person about it, I am first writing to you. I go straight to the top in these matters. [deleted lines] That section was about going above the human realm powers of the Jews to defeat them in the higher realms first.

I believe that the meaning of this intervention is this: The Jews are getting scared of the spiritual power of white people. Can you provide me with the process by which this was taken off a website that I own?

In our previous correspondence I thought that you hit me hard when my YouTube channel was taken down on March 28, 2018. As I don’t see the future as clearly as you, I didn’t realize what I know now. Albert Pike was right. What you suppress just grows stronger. My Bitchute video channel is doing fine and even better is the more frequent feeling of the nagas, gandhabbas and Tavatimsa devas.

I will now let you know that I am aware of the indirect electronic DNA download relationship between yourself and others. I learned from Ashayana Deane to use that term instead of “channeling”. It’s not like I have to tell you anything, my lord. Few people will read this when it is made public. Of those that do, few will regard it as actionable. Friend and foe read my websites and watch my videos so my purpose here is to foreshadow my education of others about the flow of the power structure from aliens to governments, by helping readers to understand the devic and alien relationship between you, your retinue of families and the rest of humanity, which includes me and my monks.

The general flow of money and power in the world affects everybody. Because of this most people are self censored so, under control, moreso that I. I am self censored as well but I do say much more. The key difference is that I am moving forward with my truther agenda in my worldview at: http://www.brianruhe.ca/courses/

Now I have progressed to the next level, compared to where I took off in 2014 so I intend to enter into your territory in a deeper way. Instead of listening to Antifa screaming at me in the street I will be looking to recruit your people, to defect to my side. The revelation of the method over Brian Ruhe – Part 3 necessitates that I tell you, in writing, just as you inform the world about your plans with your revelation of the method.

On Oct. 14, 2019 I released the video: Brian Ruhe Speaks the Highest Truths of Any Canadian. #1 out of 37 Million People . It originated the day before, when I leapt out of bed in the early hours with the conviction to make such a video. The whole concept came at once. I got busy that day and didn’t get around to it so I made the video a day later. I also had the reverse ego problem of not wanting to appear to have a big ego. By the time of the electronic DNA download of Oct.19th, I partly realized what that video of the 14th means. I am convinced that there will be a revelation of the method over Brian Ruhe part 4, so I don’t believe that I now fully understand that video. My role model at receiving downloads is Ashayana Deane.

I understood that “I” was receiving support from a group of devas who became aware of that video. My followers who watch/ed that video have their own devas who respond to their aspirations. Like the role model of the fuehrer, a torus-like feeding system became self sustaining and grew. “All things are impermanent,” I know. The devas who buy into the suggestion or belief or evidence of that video support my self proclaimed idea. Some of them are just as uncertain as the people watching the videos. Some of those devas know less about what is going on than I do. But hey! I try to follow the Buddha’s teaching on right speech. I am acting in good faith, knowing that I am unenlightened, making all kinds of mistakes. Adolf Hitler said “It is better to make a mistake than to do nothing”. I say some things that I’m not even aware are of, when I say them. I see this in my own videos but my intention is pure. I’m not doing anything wrong.

There is wide opportunity for the abuse of power with these higher realms and that is why there’s a problem with black magic and satanism. You guys are doing this. Don’t you realize that the law of karma is going to bite you? I made a video about Rothschild/ Rockefeller karma about four years ago and warned you then.

As I reorient myself to the next level of acting out the role of Canada’s highest truth teller, this takes me to a step up in my relationship with your Planet Rothschild. Convenient that 37 million is a small number, just .5% of humanity.

We are enemies. Because of my mental configuration I am a diplomat. I can negotiate and as I wrote to you before, I can be a suitcase under your bed. When it comes to a higher realm relationship, better to talk to the enemy, to always be in communication with them. Based upon the Atanatiya protection sutta and other sources, I think that my enemy mostly avoids killing those who use their spiritual resources because the price for them is too high. The Buddha describes the penalties in that sutta which are severe for those in the higher realms who attack human beings. Whether the elites believe in the law of karma or not, they are going to feel it. The evidence of human relationship with aliens is that the vast majority of the their interference with people’s lives is not in killing them, but in keeping them down, under control or serving their agenda. I’ll take my chances as I am as mortal as anyone else.

I won’t repeat the offer I gave you in my previous letters, and that still stands. I encourage you to save yourselves before the people wake up further. The law of karma comes back to humans, Dracos, all beings… and you have this opportunity to do the right thing for average people.

I sense the next step in my relationship with you. A Lewis brought your Bob Ages onto my radar. Could I have a private unrecorded meeting with Bob?

These are my requests, my lord.

I take my leave,


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3 thoughts on “4th letter to lord Jacob Rothschild

  • November 8, 2019 at 8:05 pm

    So correct Brian! Respect and joy to you!

  • November 12, 2019 at 2:12 pm

    I would like to second my elaboration of what is.

    The beginning of a dark poem . One describing the struggle for truth amongst opposition. Critical thoughts and the motives of opposition against opposition. There is no religion higher than that of truth.

    -Have you ever been a prisoner of war in a prison camp……

    -Have you ever been a prisoner to the globalist Jewish Marxist way of life for a lifetime and that of your children……

    -And how would you prefer to die as well……..or how would you prefer to be persecuted in accordance to which you have no choice in how to live.

  • November 16, 2019 at 4:40 am

    As Ernst Zundel said ” Jews have some real bad karma coming their way.”


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