UBC President Petitioned to Prevent Brian Ruhe’s Views

The following was posted on the Facebook page of:

Brian Ruhe, local neo-nazi and disgraced Buddhism instructor, wants to talk to the manager!

In this bizarre e-mail to UBC president Santa J. Ono (and forwarded to us), the neo-nazi rushes to defend the so-called Students for Freedom of Expression (SFE) and tonight’s guest Armin Navabi.

We recently shared video of a three-hour conversation in which a furiously sniffling Ruhe lectures Navabi about Canada being a white homeland, Hitler being an angel, and the Rothschilds being reptilians.

Apparently, SFE founder Nicolas Kosovic and president Raphael Chang Menoni are upset that we’re being mean to their neo-nazi friend.

Ruhe himself asked us to share this email on our Facebook page. So here you go!

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This is a letter I sent today to presidents.office@ubc.ca

Sept. 18, 2019

UBC President Dr. Santa Ono

Dear Dr. Santa Ono,

I am writing to ask that you refuse efforts by the UBC Students Against Bigotry to stop the event tomorrow night hosted by the UBC Students for Freedom of Expression.

Raphael Chang Menoni is the president of the UBC Students for Free Expression (UBC SFE) and he met with their past president, Nicholas on Armin Navabi’s YouTube talk show Atheist Republic, in this video released this morning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGexRbYMg5k&feature=push-u-sub&attr_tag=dMyPdVPI95UXK3H-%3A6

The UBC Students Against Bigotry (SAB) are quoted in Armin’s video here, by Nicholas. SAB accuse Armin of being a Nazi since he hosted me, Brian Ruhe, on his show. The past president of the UBC SFE, Nicholas, said that SAB are basically the UBC student Anifa group. He said, “They so flagrantly lie about the speakers, in whatever way will get them off of campus. The Students Against Bigotry sent a message to the UBC President that they are bringing Brian Ruhe’s views to campus by inviting Armin.”

He read the message from SAB showing me in a Nazi salute and quoting me saying, “I am a Nazi”. Nicholas continues quoting SAB “Is this what UBC President Santa Ono has in mind when he talks about academic freedom? So, your intrigue in their views means that you agree with them, even though you vehemently disagreed with them for three hours. They are actively being malicious and cherry picking,” he said to Armin.

“There are members of their group who are so disillusioned with their tactics that they’re actually considering joining our group,” Nicholas said about the Students Against Bigotry, which was just formed last February.

I wrote to the UBC Students for Freedom of Expression that they have Brian Ruhe’s full support and the support of The Brian Ruhe Show group, as well as the Thule Society. We will be at Armin’s talk to support him too.

I am a Buddhist teacher and I taught Buddhism at the Vancouver School Board Continuing Ed. for 17 years. I also taught Buddhism at UBC at Cecil Green College. My views are the opposite of what people believe are the “Nazis”. I am not some Hollywood Nazi and I continue to act and practice from my Buddhist worldview.

Thank you kindly for your attention Dr. Ono,

Brian Ruhe


Parallel to the above, the Communists in Vancouver have named me in their Facebook post below.


Join the Revolutionary Communist Party – Vancouver, the Revolutionary Student Movement – Vancouver, and other anti-fascists in a demonstration against Maxime Bernier, the People’s Party of Canada, and their fascist goons.

Maxime Bernier, the leader of the far-right People’s Party of Canada, will be hosting a rally to gain support for his election. Bernier’s colonial, transphobic, nationalist, and anti-environmentalist rhetoric has called fascists from across Canada toward his party. Members of the Proud Boys, the Soldiers of Odin, and even Vancouver’s local neo-Nazi, Brian Ruhe, have all pledged their support to the PPC and are attempting to use the party as a Trojan horse for their own fascistic agendas.


After 285 comments were posted about me on the Facebook page of the UBC Students Against Bigotry, I happened to come across them for the first time. I replied to a few but didn’t feel it was worth my time to read them all. After my reasonable replies they misrepresented the truth again, which is their purpose, by making this Facebook post, below.

Neo-nazi podcaster Brian Ruhe has now resorted to sending unsolicited Facebook messages to SAB supporters. Some of these messages may contain transphobic comments or other hate speech.

We urge those receiving such messages NOT to engage with fascists like Ruhe. They are not interested in good-faith dialogue and debate, but in recruiting other fascists and intimidating their opponents. Instead, please take a screenshot of any messages they send you and then block and report them.

Since the University of British Columbia has indicated to these people that it’s open for business, we’ve seen a lot of Ruhe lately. He has appeared at events with both the “Free Speech Club” and “Students for Freedom of Expression.”

Let’s stay safe and keep taking care of each other!

Kim Forster He attended almost every day of the Oger BCHRT hearing against Bill Whatcott. He had nothing but admiration for Paul Fromm, head of one Canadian White Supremacist group who spoke for Whatcott briefly at the hearing.
He’s a real piece of work

Brian Ruhe’s Facebook reply to Kim Forster:

You’re right Kim. I do have nothing but admiration for Paul Fromm. I’ve made over 120 videos with him and we’ve been close friends since 2015. He will be my guest at my meeting next Thursday and I invite you to attend to see that we’re a good bunch of people. Paul gives me good legal advice in dealing with groups like the UBC Students Against Bigotry and how to stay safe from people like that, such as Antifa.

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