The Protocols of Zion are not Being Stopped

by Brian Ruhe

I think that the world is going to plan according to the book, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. The Protocols point out that hardly anyone would not put their own advantage over that of their group or race. So, they bribe shills to betray their own race. In Plato’s, The Cave, he points out that the people in control over society are the ones who hold up objects casting shadows on the wall. The unwitting people in the cave watching the shadows on the wall believe that it is reality. So, the elite Jews hire white shills to help them hold up the objects to cast the shadows. When the goy in the cave wake up to this truth or even when a shill turns against his masters and bravely tells the truth, the masses in the cave turn against them in disbelief. The Jewish supremacists sit back and laugh as the white people fight among themselves. When attention is brought to them holding up the signs near the top of the cave, the elite just pay more money to their loyal shills to suppress any insurrection. Protest is put down, time passes, people forget and they go back to watching shadows on the wall.

This system has worked for thousands of years and there is nothing to indicate that it will stop. Sure, I can testify that because of the internet I woke up. But that doesn’t prevent the above scenario. I’m like one of those who get out of Plato’s cave, and come back to tell the truth to the shadow watchers. They push me back and carry on as before. They are the majority and they still have one man, one vote. Humanity is still on it’s way down. This is the current state of the world, in my view. I express as much in my worldview video and essay at:

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