Using Higher Realm Powers

“I believe that the fuehrer is not human.” – Joseph Goebbels


The Thule Society is trying to harness the higher realms in order to protect our interests which are expressed in our philosophy at the “About” tab above. This is based on a spiritual view that above human beings their are devas and brahmas or angels and demons and gods, and that human beings have always been in relationship with them. The ancient and timeless struggle of good vs. evil plays itself out in the heavenly sphere and the earthly sphere of existence.

Our spiritual guide is Adolf Hitler. He sought to protect what is good and gentle in society. He protected his people for a time from the supremacist forces of the International Jews who ganged up on Germany and destroyed it. Adolf Hitler said “I must die but my spirit will rise from the grave and the world will know I was right.”

Since 2012, with the videos “The Greatest Story NEVER Told” by Dennis Wise, there has been an awakening in the world revealing the truth about Adolf Hitler and his righteousness, virtue and wisdom. The Thule Society has formed now to ride the crest of this wave of truth in the world. This is an opportunity for you to have great karma by joining this society and supporting and spreading a profound truth about the world’s true history and where our modern society comes from. The Buddha taught that one of the highest merits you can earn is to give honour to those worthy of honour.

We intend to surpass the Thule Society of a century ago. Maria Orsek may have channeled to aliens in the Aldebaran star system 65 light years from Earth and she channeled down flying saucer design. We could surpass this flying saucer design with that and more and we may attract the best psychics in the world to do so. Our aim can include other star systems, the sensuous sphere and the fine material sphere. If successful we anticipate the government will intervene and prevent us from building flying saucers and the like. This should be privatized to avoid the dominance of Jewish controlled governments. This will not be taken seriously so we can use the principle of open concealment. By publishing our intention in black and white here, no one will do anything to stop us. They will not likely attempt to stop us prior to 80% fruition of flying saucer design. We feel that flying saucers should not be given freely to the general public because that would be a safety and security hazard. Open, transparent decisions should be made to determine how to best use this technology for the benefit of mankind.


September 14, 2016

Attack From The Top Down


Nibbana steps down to the brahmas

Nibbana steps down to absolute power

Absolute power = absolute responsibility = absolute order

Heaven’s first law is order

Earth’s first law is order as well

The devas will never achieve absolute order

The human realm will never achieve absolute order

Less than absolute order = less than peace on Earth

Work towards our best


Absolute power comes from our local brahma of 1400. Adolf Hitler taught us that power flows from the top down and responsibility goes from the bottom up. Absolute power… be relaxed, breathe into it… relax with absolute power.

Our non use of such unspeakable power increases such unthinkable power. Keep the secret, just as secret societies keep their secrets. What is not secret is what is written on this website. We invoke the powers of the devas.


Here’s an inspiring article from Renegade Tribune:

Lone Wolves of the Fourth Reich

While waiting for the space cavalry to come and save the day

People need some sort of escapist fantasies to cope with the dreadful realities of life one way or another. We Whites are facing genocide and the Anti-White forces against us seem to be all-powerful (or, at least, this is what the enemy-Jew wants us to believe). In situations like these people are looking for answers everywhere, even in the most unlikely of places. People are desperately waiting for the hero on the white horse who will ‘deliver us from evil’. Some people see this hero in people like Donald Trump, others in mythical beings.


June 2016

Visions of Flying Saucer Design

A woman I know started having several psychic experiences. She was lying in bed at night and she had a vision above her, on the ceiling. It was a blueprint of a flying saucer. She saw it in intricate detail and she was astonished. Her reaction was to look at it and then look away. Then it was gone. She was amazed and convinced that she really saw this and was not imagining it nor visualizing it. She didn’t know what it meant. This woman also had another nighttime experience in her bedroom were she saw a red light inside of her closet. She could see the outline of the red light by the shape of her closet doors.

She was someone I met and talked to about the Truth and Justice for Germans Society when it was just getting started in November, 2014. Then I hadn’t seen her again until June 2016 and at that time she was excited to relate this story to me, telling me that this psychic phenomena started in February 2015. I didn’t realize the significance of it until I got home later and I was alone, meditating. Then it hit me! On my Thule Society website I have written that one of our goals is to gather together a group of talented psychics and channel down flying saucer design. I came to the conviction that the channel that comes through me also went through her. I had no knowledge of her experiences 1.5 years ago. Right after that happened to her, the ideas for some kind of Adolf Hitler religion started to formulate or channel into my mind around February 2015, the same time that she saw the flying saucer blueprint. By the summer, Ty and I had clarified what is now the Thule Society concept on the ‘About’ page of the website.

It all comes together and makes sense to me based upon my worldview of the higher realms. My interpretation of this is that I am an instrument of the channel. After I made my first pro-Hitler video on March 17, 2013 which you can see, titled, “Adolf Hitler Truthers,” I swore an oath of loyalty to Adolf Hitler, as the SS members used to do. I believe that the higher realms, whether that means Hitler deva personally or not, decided that I was a worthy vessel to channel this line of thought and karmic action to. My channeling experiences since have come through stronger and more inspiring to the point that sometimes my confidence and devotion for Adolf Hitler imbued me with usual personal power, inspiration and elation. Now this.

I met with this lady again, who asked to remain anonymous. I showed her my writings about her experience and I showed her this Thule Society website with the references to channeling flying saucer design so she also made the connection that there must be some higher realm power at work with her. She feels that she is opening up to something bigger, beyond herself and she doesn’t know what it is but she wants this in her life. She feels that she is called to do more and she is not satisfied with her everyday working life. I recommended that she join the Thule Society and come to our next monthly meeting and I explained the truth about Adolf Hitler.

She didn’t feel comfortable with Adolf Hitler and her father was a Jew who survived Auschwitz. She agreed part way with my view but she doesn’t want to take the risk of having anything to do with Hitler so she refused to come to meetings but she wants to continue with the meditation program I recommended for her. We both agreed that we will be open to the channel and wait and see if anything comes through for either of us and we can talk about it as we go on from here. I advised that she begin with breath meditation and go to the Shambhala Centre to get ongoing training as their organization leads people into training on channeling to the higher realms. It was from Shambhala in 1994 that I first received the higher realm teachings about Adolf Hitler as I have explained in my videos linked here at the “Video Library” tab. I also recommended by book, “Freeing the Buddha” with chapter 9 ‘How to Invoke Devas’ plus my videos on channeling to devas.


Feb. 27, 2016

Brian Ruhe channeled the below video on Feb. 26th at 40% saturation of either ghosts or devas, gradually over a period of several hours…

He will soon release a video already produced, about spiritual practices radiated outwards towards Donald Trump to be one more blessing towards preventing the assassination of Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Regardless of your political persuasions, we want to keep him alive for nine more years until 2025. Our President can feel it, that Donald Trump is the man of our time. We have no National Socialist Party and no politician can admit to the virtues we espouse and inspiration we have brought into reality in the past but read this article by John Friend, the Vice President of the Thule Society, who has been on four videos episodes with Brian:

There was a report somewhere that Donald Trump called Kyle Hunt at Renegade Tribune and suggested that he keep up his work  but not get involved with Trump’s campaign. If Trump headquarters requests it, this post will go quietly into the night. Brian Ruhe just exchanged emails with Kyle Hunt this week regarding their second video together. The first has had 3700 hits since December.


Dec 30, 2015: Last night I was happy that 23 members joined the Thule Society. I went for a walk and I was jumping. I looked to the northeastern sky which is where I usually image Adolf Hitler deva to be in Nazi heaven, above the mountains. I imagined him coming closer to me since people were now joining the website. Incidentally, at 11:40 pm we had the strongest earthquake I’ve felt in 15 years in Vancouver. It shook me while I was standing and I heard something fall on the floor above me. It was a 4.8. This morning at 7:00 am I awoke from a dream where I saw my first Tibetan guru Chogyam Trungpa standing in Nazi salute wearing a light blue suit. We were all on Iona beach in Richmond singing his Shambhala anthem facing the great eastern sun and a Nazi flag in the sky.

Then a familiar vibrational state came over me and I was hoping I could astral travel to visit Adolf Hitler deva in person. The vibrational state became strong enough for an out of body experience, for the first time in many years. It lasted about five seconds then wore off. I laid there for almost an hour trying to get it back but it didn’t work. For the past couple of months I’ve heard a strange pulsing sound in my ears reminding me of the vibrational state I had as a boy and I’m hoping that I’m building towards an astral meeting with Hitler deva someday. I think that posting this publicly on the Thule Society website with people reading this could assist a causal chain that could help with this process.


Update Jan. 10, 2016


1) Contemplation on the Fuehrer

Meditate upon Adolf Hitler’s wisdom in the social/ political sphere. Just as the Buddha’s wisdom founded a religion, Adolf Hitler’s wisdom founded the best political system known to mankind. Contemplate upon Hitler’s determination, his strength, his strong father figure leadership. His inspiring speeches and ability to inspire and uplift all peoples.

2) Contemplation on the (dhamma) 25 Points of National Socialism

Use Buddhist training to imitate the Recollection of the Buddha and the recollection of the Dhamma practices.

3) Higher Realm channeling to Strengthen the Aryan Race

Apart from using higher realm powers to defend ourselves against the Jews, we should use higher realm powers to bless and strengthen the Aryan people. Do meditations on the Aryan race. Meditate upon our accomplishments in architecture, engineering, science, music, culture, etc. Remember our ancestors, contemplate upon our forefathers and how they fought for our survival, for our existence, all their sacrifices so that we could have our Aryan peoples strong and united.

The Jew does all he can to have a revolution against the Aryan people. Protect. When the Thule Society criticizes the Jews it means the minority of politicized Jews and wealthy Jewish supremacists who attack humanity. That definition will not be written out every time the Jews are referred to because it would be cumbersome, but that’s what it means. We don’t blame an entire race of people and our view is exactly what Adolf Hitler’s view was. The fuehrer accepted Jews who embraced National Socialism.

For this website these contemplative practices will be developed and posted here to build a unique contribution to the world. Instead of doing what others are doing in our movement, we are creating this unique Thule Society as a central mission at this time. Members should keep meditating on ways to develop this further and get more insights and be open to accepting the channel for more leadership in this area.

Advertise and promote the Thule Society more and get more volunteers to do so.

Impress upon other races how it is to their advantage to help the Aryan race to lead the world. The leading race now is the Jews and they are out to undermine and destroy all other races. The Aryan race has compassion for all races and treats them all fairly. All races would be better off with Aryan leadership for the whole world, rather than the disastrous Jewish leadership we have today.

Spell this out openly and plainly and proclaim this!

All races should be united and recognize the leadership of the Aryan race for all races. This is the natural hierarchy of the world and we must live within natural law, natural hierarchy. We must fight against the Jewish ruthless will to dominate all races. The Jews go against natural law and natural hierarchy and the Jews have been behind all major wars for the past 200 years. Their destructiveness is hidden from view and the vast majority of the public is unaware of how extensive their evil is. This is honesty and this honesty is good and wholesome. Others shy away from admitting this truth to others or even admitting this to themselves but the Thule Society faces this great truth.

-Brian Ruhe

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  • September 22, 2017 at 7:30 pm

    Hi! Thanks for the input. We have over 100 videos at our video library. I encourage you to check it out and you are invited to join the Thule Society and volunteer. You can develop your meditation practice at the Spiritual Practices heading and connect with the higher realms who are helping the world awaken to the nobility of Adolf Hitler deva. Feel free to phone me in Canada at 604-738-8475 or Skype with me at brianaruhe .
    Heil Hitler!
    Brian Ruhe


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