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Only the very few will face the profound lies about Hitler and embrace this great truth publicly. Our board of directors has to be a publicly published list of names of board members who will risk their careers as Brian Ruhe did, by standing up for the truth. If you believe in the wholesomeness of Adolf Hitler’s life and want to be on the board of the Thule Society or volunteer for projects please contact our President, Brian Ruhe. Board members can live anywhere in the world and this is an Internet based society.

Update Jan. 10, 2016


Brian Ruhe is the president of the Thule Society. The organizing principle in Brian Ruhe’s life is Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler has become a singularity in Brian Ruhe’s life. Brian Ruhe is just an instrument for Adolf Hitler. All that he does, he does for Adolf Hitler. The one and only focus of Brian Ruhe’s life is the Thule Society.

Focus on the most important things. Focus on what is vital.

Have a group with the same values. Pro-Hitler, anti-Jew. Be clear and overt with your inner group. Add more criteria: higher realms. Thule Society members should accept a higher realm worldview as being a necessary part of being pro Hitler anti Jew, within this society. Members will always be getting this message from .

We need to field our own team. We need to develop a team of people working with the president and working together.

What is the president’s goal?

Is the Thule Society what it is all about? Yes it is.

Brian Ruhe’s whole life should be dedicated to the Thule Society. The gave him a focus. This enables him to develop what is there. That is his purpose. This is stated here for others. It saves time with the people close to him if they understand that, so they will more likely engage him in activities that don’t diverge too far from that.

This is an Internet based organization and the focus of the president’s life is on with the videos on the Playlist linked to the website. That is the centre of his actions and people around him should be made aware of that. Anything that supports him can indirectly support the Thule Society.

A whole bunch of TS policies will be built up on this site. Policies on following local laws, policies on gun control, on feminism, etc. Adapt for today the National Socialist 25 points. People can love it or leave it. The TS becomes a reflection of views on everything and supporters are invited to influence the president into changing those views so that they are better aligned with the real truth of the world. It’s similar to Mein Kemph- a statement of what Adolf Hitler believed. The more complete and thorough this exposition of views is, the more people can decide for themselves which part of it they would like to support.

This is analogous to Scientology. L. Ron Hubbard wrote about four million words. Building and building the vast scope of his ideas and beliefs into the religion of Scientology, but that is a negative example.

The way that the TS is a group effort is that if anyone has an initiative or idea they can present it to Brian Ruhe. The president of the Thule Society acts as a filter to approve every last detail on the TS site. If Brian Ruhe approves of the idea and it gets posted on the site, then that becomes a part of the TS. As new people join online, anywhere in the world, they can volunteer or be approached and asked to volunteer to help with any of the diverse aspects of the TS.

Ideally I would like to be president for as long as I want. Until I lose interest because I have something more important, which is unlikely, then I would turn over the presidency to a vote amongst the Board. Or if I found someone special who proved more competent at leading the TS then I could chose to give over the presidency to them. Adolf Hitler said that he was preparing the ground for the one who is to come. Members are encouraged to join the Board and they can come and go when they have volunteer time so there can be an election for Board members each year. The president will approve Board appointments if elections are not applicable. We can follow other society principles for the details on this.

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