The name Adolf Hitler evokes a feeling of repulsion and fear and people think of a mind of evil and violence. All of our lives we’ve been told this story and it is so deeply embedded into our soul that it is part of our world view. People reject all things Nazi without looking at what they accomplished. For some reason, in recent years there has been a shift and some people are having an awakening. We are told so may lies from the media and politicians that many are going online to seek answers. They’re thinking for themselves. The kind of people who reject the official story about 9/11 discover that the mainstream media is one big lie after another and they wonder what else they have been lied to about. Digging deeper and going back further to World War II explodes one of the biggest lies in our history.

The reason why we’re told that Hitler was one of the most evil people in history is precisely because he was one of the greatest leaders of all time. Looking beyond how he raised up his people with new hope and new life we discover the breathtaking and mysterious inner qualities of the man himself. Adolf Hitler was actually a spiritual being and leader manifesting in the form of the German chancellor and Fuehrer. This is what he is to the Thule Society, then and now. He was not a normal man. John F. Kennedy said that Hitler had the stuff of which legends were made. This is a hero worship cult.

Because of most people’s programming, no matter how much evidence they are shown to the contrary they turn away, and they will not change their bias against Hitler. The Thule Society is only for the very few who face this great truth and embrace it.

The Thule Society is named after the one in Germany in the early 20th century with Maria Orsic, their lead channeler. It is protected by the laws which protect religions in Canada. Formerly from 1.0 to 7.6, this idea was “The Contemplative Society of Hitler”, which officially takes a religious view of Adolf Hitler- a spiritual view. This idea grew during the summer of 2015 in many Skype conversations between Brian Ruhe and Tyrone on our advisory board. The full name is The Thule Contemplative Society of Hitler, and the shorthand name is the Thule Society (TS).

This means we believe and accept that there was a special spiritual aspect to the life of Adolf Hitler which played a decisive part in his manifestation and success. This was at the vital core of who or what he was, and his mission on Earth. This is foundational to the constitution of our society. The President of the society should have this view of Hitler and the members are encouraged to do so.

The first principle of the Thule Society is stillness.

The second principle is the presence of Adolf Hitler.

The third principle of the Thule Society is the sacred power of Adolf Hitler. That power is the elemental forces in the universe. The power of good and evil. The forces of good channeled through Adolf Hitler. That force is known by different names. Good and bad is like yin and yang or the Buddhists call the force of evil Mara. Adolf Hitler channeled the wholesome force of truth or dharma into this world. The TS works with the sacred power and the sacred mystery of Adolf Hitler and the sacred power and the sacred mystery that lies beyond Adolf Hitler. This force or presence is given different names by different people. We leave the definition of that to the privacy of the individual members of the TS.

According to society law in the province of British Columbia, board members can be anywhere in the world; they do not have to live in Canada. Being a society gives us some protection legally and it also encourages people to join, to donate to support us, to volunteer and to get involved in projects. The benefit of a society with a written constitution is that it clearly explains in black and white, what we are about, and what we are not about. This gives prospective members confidence that they know what kind of group of people and spiritual figures they are supporting and joining. Brian Ruhe is the first president so this is based in the province of British Columbia, Canada.

Compared to other such groups, we are creating something distinctly gentle. Our name does not conjure up images of Neo-Nazi skinheads. It evokes images of people meditating on the qualities of Adolf Hitler and discussing inspiring themes. The Thule Society name is very powerful to people who know about Adolf Hitler and National Socialism. It was the spiritual origination of the party and we can surpass them.

As a contemplative society we can engage in criticizing the Jews from our religious perspective which gives us some legal protection in Canada because “our views are based upon a religious belief,” according to Canadian law. Our focuses can be on genuinely spreading our message and resisting Jewish supremacy in the world with our meditation/spiritual practices. The Thule Society works with the higher realms from the perspective that the Jews are using higher realm practices to attack and control the gentiles. The Thule Society enlists capable people to channel to powers higher than the Jews can reach. The Jews can only go as high as Mara in the sixth heaven of the sensuous sphere, according to Brian Ruhe’s interpretation of Buddhism. We channel to the Brahmas above the sensuous sphere and to devas within the sensuous sphere who can help fight against the devas who support the Jews. We attempt to win in the higher realms before we attempt to win in the human realm. This higher realm belief is foundational to the constitution of the Thule Society. Our predator is too strong to fight directly and physically in the human realm and it would be too costly for us to do so. It is legal in most countries to use higher realm powers so we take advantage of the law by openly using higher realm powers to defend ourselves from this Jewish attack. The Thule Society acknowledges that most gentiles are susceptible enough to allow themselves to be programmed by international Jews. So we educate people to protect themselves from being manipulated by Jews.

Our constitution or organizational structure can include contemplative teachers. This could even include an order of celibate monks and nuns. Like the SS the TS can include a High Priest or High Priestess. There can be several HPs. Brian Ruhe is the president of the TS. Instead of being a minister, the role is president. The Vice President is Diane Chase in Vancouver. The president is the highest authority in the TS but the HPs have spiritual qualities to provide guidance and leadership for the society. The organizational structure is modelled after National Socialist Germany with Hitler as the fuehrer and leader. The SS was led by Heinrich Himmler as an entity apart from and above the state itself. The TS is apart from and above all other like minded organizations.

We want to recruit monks and other spiritual men and women to be HPs in the TS. Their mission is to channel down higher realm power to defend good from evil, to defend our movement from the Jewish supremacists. We want them to do regular practices to effect this and to teach average members spiritual practices so that they can participate in doing this themselves. It is not illegal to do this and few, of any other like minded organizations, publicly state on their website that they are doing this or that they advocate doing this. This is what makes the Thule Society special and powerful. We are working with the higher realms and we are better able to attract talented powerful people because we are an organization in the world which does so publicly. Therefore we can move faster and more decisively in the battles to come.

Leaders and members are also encouraged to develop themselves spiritually. There are practices for members to do such as mindfulness meditation, under the “Spiritual Practices” tab on this webiste. We accept the possibility that members can receive guidance and instruction from the spirit of Adolf Hitler, as Matt Koehl and James Battersby have written. We could have Adolf Hitler as our deity, from whom we derive our inspiration and channeled guidance to aid us in our struggle but we allow members to have their own personal spiritual interpretation of all of this. There is no dogma about a deity, no dogma about a theology or a religion, other than the special qualities of Hitler, written above. Savitri Devi thought of Hitler in polytheistic terms but Matt Koehl thought in monotheistic terms. We leave that mystery to the privacy of the individual. People of any religion or no religion are welcome to join the Thule Society.

According to Carl Jung, the collective unconscious of the Aryan race channeled through Adolf Hitler. This society is an organized structure to allow a natural process or karma to bring like-minded people together from anywhere in the world. This karmic force lies dormant or active in people’s minds. It can arise in the future and we are the Internet based organization that people can join to contribute their special talents.

We refer to a larger body of “canonical scriptures” which contain the whole written philosophy of our society based upon the major figures below and others who have viewed Adolf Hitler from a spiritual perspective since 1919.

Key historical figures 1950’s – 2010’s

Savitri Devi (30th September 1905 – 22nd October 1982)

James Larratt Battersby (1907 – 1955)

Miguel Serrano (10th September 1907 – 28th February 2009)

Matt Koehl (22nd January 1935 – 9th October 2014)

David Myatt (1950 – still alive)

The society, as a living, interacting group of people has this easy to read website which refers to this larger body of thousands of pages of past writings and deep philosophical thought. This gives us something both simple and easy for people to understand and also the credibility of a bona fide contemplative society with a past, based upon great personalities and their profound teachings about our spiritual guide, Adolf Hitler. We acknowledge and support New Order at which is the organization that came before this incarnation of the Thule Contemplative Society of Hitler, as they also share a spiritual interpretation of Adolf Hitler. They have a long and venerable tradition going back to 1959 with George Lincoln Rockwell, the legendary founder of the American Nazi Party. Following his tragic assassination in 1967, Matt Koehl listed above, maintained their leadership under their new name until his death in 2014.

We put all of these scattered pieces together into an Internet based organization which has the potential to grow across the world to like-minded people anywhere. Our timing is good with the awakening in the world since 2012 regarding the goodness and the truth about Adolf Hitler which was boosted by Dennis Wise’s documentary “Adolf Hitler The Greatest Story NEVER Told”. Since our people are a small, isolated and sometimes persecuted minority, the Internet is our blessing and power to work together without having to meet in person. Growth is dependent on new members joining, donations coming in to pay for our expansion, our leadership, and attracting better leadership in the future.

A special format of the Thule Society is that it appeals to people who want to be alone at home with their own private thoughts. They don’t have to be with a group of people. Because this is online, our interaction is virtual so people can “join” us and not have to be seen in a group which espouses Hitler and his government. They can download our philosophy and practices and they can interact with our leadership and with each other. They can make donations and get involved in projects and do volunteer work. This is a powerful aspect of our structure. We’re trying to awaken mankind to understand the truth about Adolf Hitler. On a local level, people anywhere can download from our website and YouTube videos practices that they can do individually and they can upload and contribute their ideas to fellow members. This creates a dynamic exchange and a community. Members can form neighbourhood groups that meet weekly to keep up their local group spirit.

An ideal of the Thule Society is to be a counterpart to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The CFR is a Rothschilds’ Jewish supremacist think tank which issues marching orders to the CIA. The CIA acts as the enforcement arm and the troops for the CFR. Just so, the Thule Society is willing to form supportive relationships with more proactive political, government and military groups with compatible views and goals. Just as a minister can bless troops, they have different roles. The Thule Society is separate from other groups but it can be supportive. The Thule Society itself is a religious organization. It is a peaceful, educational and personal growth training society. We emphasize the benefits and unique accomplishment of Adolf Hitler in breaking Jewish power. We are raising awareness and protecting what is good.

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