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Thule Society President

Brian Ruhe is President of the Thule Contemplative Society of Hitler. This grew out of conversations with Tyrone in London, England, which are videos recorded on our Video Library. I have a genuine devotion for the fuehrer and the Thule Society is picking up the torch from others who have passed away and we want this spiritual belief about Adolf Hitler carried on into future centuries when it might flower into power.

I am age 57 and have taught Theravada Buddhism and meditation for 20 years around Vancouver, Canada. I wrote chapter 13 “Adolf Hitler and Tibetan Buddhism” in my first book Freeing the Buddha first published in 1999, available at Amazon. I feel that I had a past life in the Luftwaffe in National Socialist Germany and that I died in the war. I have been deeply drawn to Adolf Hitler since I was a little boy. In 1994 I began to learn the revisionist history about WW II from Tibetan Buddhist sources and it wasn’t until 2011 that I realized that the Holocaust was a hoax.

I host a YouTube talk show, The Brian Ruhe Show, and I have hundreds of my own pro-Hitler videos including interviews with many people. Another major theme of my videos is resisting International Jewish supremacy in the world, with hundreds of videos on that.

March 20, 2017

I want to commit myself to the fuehrer. I want to focus on interviewing people like New Order and other NS groups so that the Thule Society Video Library will be the Go To Place on Planet Earth for anyone interested in a spiritual view on Adolf Hitler. Other people can criticize the Jews.

March 3, 2016

Six Little Signs of An Awakened Man

Yesterday I was using my German BrAun electric shaver and I noticed that the large frame photo of a schooner was leaning against the wall of my bathroom on the counter. I soon had a realization. I decided to test two push pins to see if they could hold the picture frame up, after I pinned them to the wall. It worked. The whole operation took about five minutes. It was because I was in an awakened state of consciousness that I did this, because I never thought about it enough before. That picture had been leaning in the wrong place there for eight years.

The second sign was that I was walking home up Cypress St. I was at the corner of 6th Ave. and I stepped forward towards 7th Ave. where I live. I have usually walked that way literally a thousand times before but I had a realization and I stopped. I decided that it would be more scenic and a pleasant variety if I turned right up 6th Ave. than left along Maple to get home. It was only an extra hundred steps or more, than my usual route. Wow; that was so nice.

The third sign is that I thanked the channel. I usually try to concentrate upon my flow of thoughts as I sit by my computer channeling. On this day I stood up, turned around and opened my arms wide, facing the top northeastern corner of my living room and I thanked the invisible spirit/s attending to me. Then I said aloud, “Please channel for the Thule Society. That’s more important than other stuff.” It always comes from the east, at home, and I believe this is because of my extensive training with the Shambhala organization, and their great eastern sun.

Wet mopping with a dry mop.

I saw that the floor needed cleaning. Usually I get a rag and get down and wash it by hand. This time because I am an awakened man, I went into the closet and took out a dry mop. I didn’t know, that is what it is called, as I have hardly ever used it. I was unfamiliar with it. I didn’t even know where it came from; being certain that I didn’t pay money for it. I assumed that it came from one of my 15 former roommates. I wet mopped the floor and the my roommate Pam told me it was a dry mop and that we had a wet mop for the purpose. This was a realization to me. I am a realized being.

I decided to go for a walk. Then, I had an insight. I brought my roommate’s empty beer and wine bottles with me and changed my route to the liquor store three blocks away. While there I had another insight. I bought the cheapest bottle of red wine for any future party invitation.

I usually take my tea bag and dump it in the sink. Later I put it in the green box for compost. Then, I had an insight. I bent down to the green box under my sink and I took the bag out of my tea and placed it directly into the green box.

These are the six little marks of an awakened man